7 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt

Normalcy is Overrated

No matter how old you are and how successful you get, there are mistakes you make along the way. These mistakes help you become the person you are today and shape your personality. Since there’s no guidebook that tells you how to live your life, nor do you get the option to flip to the last page and see where life will take you; all you can really do is learn from whatever curve-ball life throws your way.

I’m going to be 25 years old soon (cue anxiety attack) and it’d be quite absurd to say that I’m wise beyond my years. Actually if I did say the last part my mother would die laughing. Needless to say I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and learnt from trial and error. By mistakes I don’t mean getting lost while using Google maps or putting conditioner on your face because you’re…

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The Realm of A Bride

A gaze up. A gaze down
Breathe in. Breathe out
Sweat gathered on her forehead.
Patted her lashes to hide her tremble
She used all her courage, to leave behind what she thought was hers
It was a dream
Coming out of it was no easy
So pinched were her thoughts
She could think no more
Just then;
A palm crossed into hers. Her fears began to lighten
She looked up to see the angel beside her
He was her Now. He was her Forever
A smile fell across her face
And she walked ahead happily into the unknown


Dolmen Shopping Festival – Karachi

Like we see seasons of Lawn prints, selfie sticks or moustaches, we also saw a season of Winter Shopping Festivals being embraced  by almost all the shopping malls, at least in Karachi. Every mall tried doing its best to propagate itself in the most creative manner as they could; to grab as many prospective customers as possible.

I’m not much of a shopper any more, but if I have to go buy new clothes, Dolmen Mall Clifton is always my choice, for its latest. decent and awesome variety of offerings. Turned out that this winters, the mall was not only laden with fresh, cool looking attires, but also had an interesting looking festival going on.

Why interesting? because it was an 18 day festival aiming  to serve as a destination to promote and celebrate art, culture and most importantly celebrate old memories with the next generation.

How? Well the entire Dolmen Mall was set up with multiple types of board games that we and our older generations used to play indoors very often. Such as the KheloAurJeeto game that is commonly known as Monopoly was set as a large board game in which the opponent party was actually trapped in jail and money had to be paid for rescue. Bringing together three Dolmen shopping malls, Clifton, Tariq Road &Hyderi, more than 50 brand partners and over 100 outlets are participating in the 18-day Dolmen Shopping Festival, offering an array of attractive weekly cash prizes, special offers and discounts at all participating outlets.


Barista Lavazza Venue for DSF KHI
Barista Lavazza Venue for DSF KHI

What made it interesting for me was the Bloggers Meetup incorporating the idea of not just casual talks and grubbing but playing a digital treasure hunt for the first time ever in Pakistan. The meetup took place in Barista Lavazza with a bunch of twitteratis and bloggers playing the game frantically all over the mall. The visitors there were enjoying the sight of young individuals running around, completing tasks, panting for air and laughing their hearts out . The first person to complete the task was to receive an HP Tablet worth Rs. 40,000/- as a prize! The prize got us all drooling and everybody kicked the adrenaline to play the hunt at their best. Sadly, I didn’t win anything but the running around surely did burn some calories! 😀

2014-12-22 20.12.00
Instagram Booth
2014-12-22 19.51.41
one electrifying game at Sindbad



















The participants loved this exciting event and the brands which took part were Sindbad, Kaju, Yellow, Object, Kerestase Lounge and Dolmen itself had activities in the Treasure Hunt. All the bloggers present were given goodies by several brands at the end of the evening, as a thank you token for taking part in the Dolmen Shopping Festival

The official hashtag for the event was #DSFKHI. To see the event details and photos, visit:





DSF Blogger Meetup Group
DSF Blogger Meetup Group


Those Who Know …

Those Who Know Do Not Say
Those Who Say Do Not Know,
The Wise Will Always Listen More,
The Clever Speak, The Stupid Argue

* the first two lines are quoted by Lao Tsu, whereas the remaining are add-ons

Listening is not a quality but a necessity and a secret to winning the various contests of life we undergo. Meanwhile the others talk and you listen; grasp each detail they utter, observe their dispositions & countenance as this not only helps you broaden your scope of thoughts but also help construct the base for what you might have to say next rather than chattering and aimlessly wasting your energy and words for an audience that clearly doesn’t seem interested in a solid outcome but mere chaotic noise. It need not be reiterated that a smart listener is eventually a smart speaker, as he processes the gathered information in his head and knows which point to pick for discussion & takes it to a relatively meaningful conclusion