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The Game of Crests & Troughs

This is something redundantly written by many people, I assume, but it’s nonetheless always an interesting experience to relay.

The early morning-glory of taking a ride to your office while passing the calm yet turbulent sea.

It’s peacefully roaring (oxymoronic indeed). Each individual that passes by tends to relate a different experience with it.

Some dive into nostalgia, some ponder over their meetings with their aficionados, while some wistfully inhale peace by just its view. Many people tend to quote a lot of things just by submerging into a certain prospect.

I did the same.

I realized if you look at the waves closely, there are few foamy circling waves in the front, that represent the turbulence one faces in life. Then after a certain struggle of ups and downs comes a long session of peace, that can either represent patience, wait time or completion of a project.


But, this never ends, far ahead somewhere, the turbulence recreates, just to let you know that what you are believing to be the final destination is not FINAL…. there are a lot many crests to be endured.