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Place of solace

This open space with absolutely no ornamented buildings, no person walking by, no traffic hustle except the crickets singing their night song and the silent wind flowing by, brushing against my cheeks takes my breath away everytime I sit here at night, all by myself.

All I see in front of myself are bars of iron through which I view the pitch dark night with frequent illuminated patches by the street lights. Up above are the gleaming stars glaring down upon me as I turn my head up and foolishly start talking to them, treating them as entities of wisdom and reverence.

Open. Close. Open. Close.

I constantly do that with my eyes trying to absorb the beauty of the dark night. I take deep breaths to inhale the pleasant aroma rising from the earth mingling with the fresh land breeze. So far away this brings me from the rattles of daily life, the predicaments of workplace & knotted family issues..

The peace and tranquility I need to calm my senses are avilable to me no where but in my apartment balcony surrounded by the smell of the sea in its proximity…my everday solution to spewing out the negative toxins & achieving my temporary solace.


The Game of Crests & Troughs

This is something redundantly written by many people, I assume, but it’s nonetheless always an interesting experience to relay.

The early morning-glory of taking a ride to your office while passing the calm yet turbulent sea.

It’s peacefully roaring (oxymoronic indeed). Each individual that passes by tends to relate a different experience with it.

Some dive into nostalgia, some ponder over their meetings with their aficionados, while some wistfully inhale peace by just its view. Many people tend to quote a lot of things just by submerging into a certain prospect.

I did the same.

I realized if you look at the waves closely, there are few foamy circling waves in the front, that represent the turbulence one faces in life. Then after a certain struggle of ups and downs comes a long session of peace, that can either represent patience, wait time or completion of a project.


But, this never ends, far ahead somewhere, the turbulence recreates, just to let you know that what you are believing to be the final destination is not FINAL…. there are a lot many crests to be endured.