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Rawaan Raho [Keep Going] – An Independence Day Message by Telenor

Pakistan is a beautiful country and there is no denying about it. One can only know this when you have visited the remote untouched virgin parts of it and felt the depth. As a traveller it’s a duty to not just visit,  absorb and praise but spread the word about its beauty and encourage more people to visit to help create a positive image to the world so that tourism could increase
Right around the independence day time, an ad appeared on TV,  more of a teaser first,  showcasing some beautiful destinations from all over pakistan. Well, that was enough to grab my attention since anything to do with travelling and remote parts of Pakistan and it’s enough to make me go crazy. I waited for the entire thing.
It came; …. and it was beautiful!
not just for the places they had advertised but for soulful cultural cultural and ethnic cultures with musical beats they had incorporated. With each passing frame, all I could do was gasp with praise and and admire what we have been bestowed. And ofcourse,  when I’d see familiar locations that I have already visited, it would just bring back all the beautiful memories of my Travel.
“Oh Bhit Ja Bhittayi” – a very famous and folk song plays in the beginning of the ad, followed by other folk & sufi pieces – all gave the message of finding Divine Love through long spiritual journeys. One of my favourite lines from the ad are
مل نہیں رہا ہے تو … ایسے ہر جگہ ہے تو
You (God) are unable to be found specifically for You are everywhere
This was unique to witness because no commercial brand has ever tapped onto the sufi territory like this – their approach was brilliant as they moved from areas of South to gradually up North revealing the beautiful changing landscapes and mesmerizing diversity of people and places of this country..
I love how it has been shot and conceptualized – how the searcher moves from one point to another catching hold of “Sounds of Life” and his thirst doesn’t end, he goes up and up and up to look for more, to find and appreciate what has been created by Him.
In seven minutes, Telenor Pakistan’s #TelenorRawaan , whose ad I have been talking about, was able to engage, inspire and awe the viewers in beauty,  sounds & versatility of this country.
The core message of the ad was to appreciate whatwe have, keep going, set goals one after the other, achieve them and let the search for better never end – and obviously to stay connected wherever you go via Telenor – a unique message to give out to the nation on occasion of Independence Day.
I’m sure you have already seen the ad,  since it plays often and is void to catch eye but if you haven’t, indulge in its aura with me by clicking the ad below
Also you can follow the chatter on the advertisement by following the hashtag #TelenorRawaan on social media
Singers: Akhtar Chanal, Shani Arshad, Saima iqbal, Asrar & Zeb Bangash 
Director: Jami 

Zoe Viccaji & Umair Jaswal’s Latest Video is Out #CornettoPopRock

CORNETTO POP ROCK – Season 1 is soaring high to revive the world of pop music! With their first video launch starring Zoe Viccaji & Umair Jaswal, they are giving out the message that this series will surely be power packed. This is the first video of total six to be launched soon as part of season 1 which includes a line up of maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, , Umair Jaswal, Qurram Hussain, Zoe Viccaji, Quratulain Baloch and the international sensation Ali Zafar.

Umair Jaswal has already raided hearts with his hit number “Sammi Meri Waar” & Zoe’s melodious voice needs no introduction. Both singers are a strong icons among the youth and known for their unique style of singing.
“Jhoom” is a first ever duet between Zoe and Umair, composed by Zohaib Kazi and shot in scenic landscapes of Pakistan.
I personally like the upbeat fun filled theme they have portrayed in the video and of course the gorgeous Makran Coastal Highway ♡

Here, let’s take a look at the video..

Make up: Beenish Pervez
Clothing: Aamna Aqueel
Concept: #BBPR
Production: Uncut Studios
#CornettoPopRock is a national music platform that aims to revive the pop rock culture in Pakistan. The platform touches many avenues for music lovers including; hosting a series of concerts and auditions in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, releasing 6 music videos/songs comprising of duets and solos, providing a platform for new singers, encouraging young bloggers and photographers and most of all igniting the patriotic bone. The platform is the brainchild of Empact Activations & BB Events & PR.

I’m really thinking to be a part of it, since I often sing within the four walls of my room too and NO the windows don’t break! 😉

#HoMannJahaan – Theatrical Trailer

What must one do when there is so much chaos, banter and confusion rising around … how do we come to the point of making a decision for some of the most crucial aspects of our lives – Career, Family, Relationships, Lifestyle etc.

There is only one thing that you can do – sit back in peace and let your inner person speak – listen to what the heart has to say. Though full of emotions, it could still lead you to the right destination most of the times; plus there are no regrets because you did what you wanted to do any way!

An upcoming Pakistani movie, #HoMannJahaan resolves around a similar concept where three friends of a diverse nature and background set themselves apart from the norms of their family traditions and practices and pursue what they love doing most – Music

Facing hurdles, discouragement and backlashes, this trio falls trap to many emotional twists as well, but their journey to success point is a marvelous one.

“Ho Mann Jahaan is a story that will connect with people’s hearts,” explains the Director, Writer and the Executive Producer of the film, Asim Raza at the trailer launch. “The theatrical trailer sheds light on the seriousness of the subject and how the lives of the characters are entwined in their pursuit of music, rather than just highlighting the boisterous campus life portrayed in the First look released earlier this year.”

The movie is directed by Asim Raza, who is also the executive producer along with actor Shehryar Munnawar, one of the lead actors of the movie along side Mahira Khan, Adeel Hussain and Sonya Jehan

Having recognized the strength and dominance of Pakistani musicians on a world platform, Ho Mann Jahaan prides itself for having a soundtrack of 9 songs, developed out of a pool of massive talent comprising of Zoheb Hassan, Atif Aslam, Zebunnisa Bangash, Jimmy Khan, Tina Sani, Abu Mohammed, Fareed Ayaz, Asrar and Mai Dhai Band, along with music producers Faakhir Mehmood and Ehtisham Mallick; an absolute recipe for an aural treat for music lovers.

The movie has majorly been shot in Karachi and a few shots in the northern parts of Pakistan. Its due release is on the 1st of January 2016

You may watch the trailer below and then I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this exciting flick for the coming year. Don’t forget to pre book your tickets ! 🙂