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Those Who Know …

Those Who Know Do Not Say
Those Who Say Do Not Know,
The Wise Will Always Listen More,
The Clever Speak, The Stupid Argue

* the first two lines are quoted by Lao Tsu, whereas the remaining are add-ons

Listening is not a quality but a necessity and a secret to winning the various contests of life we undergo. Meanwhile the others talk and you listen; grasp each detail they utter, observe their dispositions & countenance as this not only helps you broaden your scope of thoughts but also help construct the base for what you might have to say next rather than chattering and aimlessly wasting your energy and words for an audience that clearly doesn’t seem interested in a solid outcome but mere chaotic noise. It need not be reiterated that a smart listener is eventually a smart speaker, as he processes the gathered information in his head and knows which point to pick for discussion & takes it to a relatively meaningful conclusion