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New beginnings.. everyday

Everything tends to be replaced by something fresher and rejuvenating to take place. Fresh leaves will only grow when the old ones have shed. Yes, we all clearly understand this phenomenon, yet we are saddened by the thought of a situation nearing its climax. Are we too short-sighted to not see what lies beyond? We formulate judgements and lose hope as if there will be never be another time in life as happy as the one we have just lived.

The universe has been designed in a manner where a flowchart of start to end is drawn each day. The steps may be the same but the experience felt on each step varies from each other at a great deal. This is what makes life so colourful, so full of challenges, so full of experience.  It is only after a certain period lapse of time, that one realizes that it’s never about the number of  years you spent but if each day you flashed your eyes opened to brought out a different perspective in front of you and taught you something new.

What fun is there to living a life pattern that you practised 10 years ago and are still doing more or less the same? People around us definitely change, we always keep complaining about it, but we will actually understand its true meaning when you will also start unwrapping the folds of your personality, skills, talents that you even didn’t know existed. There is not just one persona that you were born with, No, nature wants you to unfold the magic yourself and experience your distinct abilities everyday and be surprised by it!  There is so much you can do, so much you can make with this one short life granted provided you are lucky enough to realize this.

So get up, brush off the cobwebs from your mind and Think! What new can you do today that you didn’t do the day before or What part of YOU will you want to focus, evaluate and change for a better outcome. Trust me, it won’t just do you good, it will be a pleasant change for others around you as well.


The Game of Crests & Troughs

This is something redundantly written by many people, I assume, but it’s nonetheless always an interesting experience to relay.

The early morning-glory of taking a ride to your office while passing the calm yet turbulent sea.

It’s peacefully roaring (oxymoronic indeed). Each individual that passes by tends to relate a different experience with it.

Some dive into nostalgia, some ponder over their meetings with their aficionados, while some wistfully inhale peace by just its view. Many people tend to quote a lot of things just by submerging into a certain prospect.

I did the same.

I realized if you look at the waves closely, there are few foamy circling waves in the front, that represent the turbulence one faces in life. Then after a certain struggle of ups and downs comes a long session of peace, that can either represent patience, wait time or completion of a project.


But, this never ends, far ahead somewhere, the turbulence recreates, just to let you know that what you are believing to be the final destination is not FINAL…. there are a lot many crests to be endured.