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NIC Karachi – A Game Changer for Future Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

National Incubation Center is a state of the art technology hub that offers free work space, mentorship, networking, digital technical and financial resources for young Pakistani businesses in efforts to achieve high economic growth and sustainable development. There has been a considerable boom in entrepreneurial … Continue reading NIC Karachi – A Game Changer for Future Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

Eden Robe’s New Lawn is #TrulyYours

Summers in Pakistan mean new Lawn ranges from a variety of designers and brands. Women go excessively crazy over shopping as summers lasts in most parts, longer than usual and daily wear airy flowy lawn dresses are much in demand by both office goers and home ladies, hence the fever takes over everyone.

There are multiple players in the market now, each trying to create a unique pattern or design to appease the consumers and give them something extraordinary to wear. Eden Robe, a famous fashion brand for men, women & kids also made its entrance in this category and decided to craft something different for the ladies out there. Their launch campaign revolved around the concept of #PraisingWomen by appreciating women who can make a style statement just by wearing lawn. it’s targeted for masses and all women, regardless of class, will be able to buy good quality lawn and get all the praises.

The unstitched lawn from Eden Robe is inspired from different themes which ranges from Turkish arts, William Morris, Floral themes etc. The colors are as per the summer forecast. Apart from unstitched lawn, Edenrobe supports the idea of women wearing the traditional lawn dresses. Whether a woman is professional or only manages household chores, they should be given the liberty to wear stylish and chic lawn. With unstitched lawn collection by Edenrobe, it becomes easier for women to wear affordable and fine quality lawn.
Edenrobe came up with the hashtag “#TrulyYours” to give an impression to the customers that the brand is customers. The brand is striving to deliver only the best to its customers with right communication and message tone. This will also be the tagline for the entire campaign in days to come for Eid, Winter or New Year campaign etc. 




You may catch up with Eden Robe via following links:

Website: http://www.edenrobe.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edenrobe

A City By The Sea

Coastal cities carry a charm of their own, a saltish taste in the mouth, sticky feel on the skin, a silent gush of wind at night and if you’re lucky enough to spend a night by the coast,  then the constant rhythm of waves orchestrates a magic over the listener.

Somniani is a peaceful,  serene blue beach in Balochistan, often craved by people for its swimmable thick waves and clean coast. Opened only for armed forces personnel or families accompanied by them, this whole beach is to one or maximum two families at a time for as long they can book it till the next family shows up.
Clean huts, proper washrooms and kitchen facilities make this place a must go.

I happened to go with a bunch of friends and family, we barbecued there, played some loud music and bonfired near the water where it’s said that sea snakes crawl into the sand area at night sometimes making it a little dangerous for people to walk barefoot.
The sky is clear and pretty much unpolluted hence the visibility of stars is enhanced manifold and you can see large bunches of them twinkling right above your head.

It’s chilly out there in the morning and the sand sends shivers up your body if you walk barefoot. We heard the wild boar somewhere near our location, which is a pretty common encounter for the people there. Our dog (Thor) kept sensing it’s movements and was restless the whole night, the boar didn’t dare come near 🙂

Sometime,  near sunrise, I witnessed something spectacular in the sea… the waves collided with each other and created an electrical spark turning the whole wave bright blue like en eerie eel had just passed through the waters and vanished! This kept happening for a while.

Such serenity around you makes you want to meditate or pray, I did just that and despite all the sand oozing from my clothes, I prayed into the calmness of time. It was soothing.

I decided to wait for the sunrise and had planned to take long walk along the beach but sleep took over me and I dozed off for about 30 mins on the beach chair, listening to the waves hitting the shore. After waking up, I stretched and walked barefoot along the water line feeling the waves as they spoke their stories to me. yes! You can hear them waves talking to you if you really have the heart of a sea listener…
That walk was one of the most refreshing moments of my trip.
hot warm breakfast and a nice cool shower after that was cherry on the top, until it was time to leave that beautiful beautiful place…. SOMNIANI you are love ♡






Dolmen Shopping Festival – Karachi

Like we see seasons of Lawn prints, selfie sticks or moustaches, we also saw a season of Winter Shopping Festivals being embraced  by almost all the shopping malls, at least in Karachi. Every mall tried doing its best to propagate itself in the most creative manner as they could; to grab as many prospective customers as possible.

I’m not much of a shopper any more, but if I have to go buy new clothes, Dolmen Mall Clifton is always my choice, for its latest. decent and awesome variety of offerings. Turned out that this winters, the mall was not only laden with fresh, cool looking attires, but also had an interesting looking festival going on.

Why interesting? because it was an 18 day festival aiming  to serve as a destination to promote and celebrate art, culture and most importantly celebrate old memories with the next generation.

How? Well the entire Dolmen Mall was set up with multiple types of board games that we and our older generations used to play indoors very often. Such as the KheloAurJeeto game that is commonly known as Monopoly was set as a large board game in which the opponent party was actually trapped in jail and money had to be paid for rescue. Bringing together three Dolmen shopping malls, Clifton, Tariq Road &Hyderi, more than 50 brand partners and over 100 outlets are participating in the 18-day Dolmen Shopping Festival, offering an array of attractive weekly cash prizes, special offers and discounts at all participating outlets.


Barista Lavazza Venue for DSF KHI
Barista Lavazza Venue for DSF KHI

What made it interesting for me was the Bloggers Meetup incorporating the idea of not just casual talks and grubbing but playing a digital treasure hunt for the first time ever in Pakistan. The meetup took place in Barista Lavazza with a bunch of twitteratis and bloggers playing the game frantically all over the mall. The visitors there were enjoying the sight of young individuals running around, completing tasks, panting for air and laughing their hearts out . The first person to complete the task was to receive an HP Tablet worth Rs. 40,000/- as a prize! The prize got us all drooling and everybody kicked the adrenaline to play the hunt at their best. Sadly, I didn’t win anything but the running around surely did burn some calories! 😀

2014-12-22 20.12.00
Instagram Booth
2014-12-22 19.51.41
one electrifying game at Sindbad



















The participants loved this exciting event and the brands which took part were Sindbad, Kaju, Yellow, Object, Kerestase Lounge and Dolmen itself had activities in the Treasure Hunt. All the bloggers present were given goodies by several brands at the end of the evening, as a thank you token for taking part in the Dolmen Shopping Festival

The official hashtag for the event was #DSFKHI. To see the event details and photos, visit:





DSF Blogger Meetup Group
DSF Blogger Meetup Group