5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Guest Post by Rabya Jamshed from Marham   “Believing you can do it means you can. Having qualm, however, makes failure brew larger” Being obese can have a serious impact on health and can influence your morale greatly.  If you are one of them and looking for an easy way to get rid of that unwanted disturbing fat from your frame then this article is … Continue reading 5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Tips to Maintain Weight In an Inexpensive Way

I’m calling it maintaining and not losing because this article is about adopting healthy lifestyle more so and mainly for those who live a relatively sedentary life and are not active gym goers. Springing out of the bed in week 1 to go to your newly registered Zumba or CrossFit training session is easy and exciting, after all you’ve paid a handful amount to get … Continue reading Tips to Maintain Weight In an Inexpensive Way

Heat Stroke Awareness & Preventive Measures

A few days ago, I received an email regarding the ongoing heat wave and tips to protect yourself and others from it in case of a stroke. Here is what I received: If you suspect someone has heat exhaustion, follow the advice outlined below. Get them to rest in a cool place – ideally a room with air conditioning or, if this is not possible, somewhere … Continue reading Heat Stroke Awareness & Preventive Measures

Time Saved = Life saved #MarhamBano

Most of us, when we fall mildly or severely sick, tend to first resort to home remedies, learnings from precedents or call up a family doctor and ask for a quick cure over the phone because falling ill regularly is considered common in this part of the world. However, at times, this reckless behaviour tends to aggravate certain initially appearing common sicknesses into something fearsome … Continue reading Time Saved = Life saved #MarhamBano

A Healthy Start – #First1000Days

If the start is great, the journey ahead becomes easy and fun. I will relate this idea to the concept of early healthy nutrition in our children, which is often neglected and not taken care of in the way it should be, due to multiple reasons. We seldom realize that what we are today, the strength, the immunity, the structure is all because of what … Continue reading A Healthy Start – #First1000Days

IATC Awards 2015 – Engro honors change agents in CSR domain

Organizations in Pakistan lately have started shifting their attention towards various social corporate responsibility functions and have started taking rigorous part in the eradication of irrelevant and unnecessary hindrances and promoting the factors that spread positivity and success among the rising generation. In order to bring prominent change in the society, one must strive to making small changes in one own self; this is the … Continue reading IATC Awards 2015 – Engro honors change agents in CSR domain

Papilloma – The Cunning Virus

Despite the daily increase in the internet usage in our country, I still find our people very ignorant of vital knowledge of crucial information regarding their health, well being & lifestyle. Guess, the focus of search engines is not really on individual betterment after all. Where specialized doctors will already be aware of the HPV virus, its causes, symptoms and repercussions; our general public stands oblivious … Continue reading Papilloma – The Cunning Virus