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#Foodpanda celebrates success worth Rs. 1 Billion

30th August, Karachi:foodpanda, Pakistan’s leading food delivery app, estimates that it has generated a staggering one billion rupees in additional sales for the restaurant industry in the last 12 months. Along with growing adaption of online service offerings in Pakistan, foodpanda has accelerated the switch from offline food ordering to online ordering through its website and mobile app, benefiting both its customers and restaurant partners.

Nauman Sikandar, CEO of foodpanda Pakistan notes: “Over the last three years we have helped customers to realize that they can spend their valuable time pursuing what they love, rather than preparing food at home. We have partnered with thousands of professional chefs at restaurants who prepare the most delicious meals of your choice for you, along with the convenience of having it delivered right to your doorstep.”
He further adds: “I am a foodie at heart and order from my favorite restaurants almost every day.I used to make tons of telephone calls each monthto restaurantsand the overall process was extremely painful! Finding the correct telephone number, reading out my order from a leaflet, communicating my address, and then the frustrating moment when I realize that they misunderstood my order through the phone. With foodpanda, you simply logon to our app, select or discover your favorite restaurant and place your order with a few clicks. The appremembersall your details, so you only enter them the first time. Now I can place an order at my favorite restaurant within 30 Seconds”
foodpanda estimates over 7500+ restaurants established all across Pakistan, which it aims to add to its portfolio over the next few years. Last year, the company grew its restaurant inventory to over 1,000 restaurants which is a 360% increase compared to the previous twelve months. Next to the local neighborhood favourites, foodpanda signed partnerships with national restaurant chains, such as Nando’s, McDonald’s, Sarpino’s and ginsoy. Over the last years, foodpanda has accelerated the growth of the food delivery market to around 20% year on year, compared to original growth levels of around 7%.
Raza Pirbhai, CEO of KFC: Foodpanda as a concept has taken Pakistanis into the future, not only from the customer point of view but also from the business end. With delivery being the fastest growing channel, KFC Pakistan has seen a rapid growth pattern in its online sales which is doubling over time. Together with Foodpanda we plan to take KFC to every household in Pakistan over the next few months.
The figures in the attached infographic represent Pakistan’s enriched and rapidly growing food ordering market and shows that foodpanda is the pioneer leading explosive growth and improvements in the industry.
About foodpanda Pakistan
foodpanda is Pakistan’s leading online food delivery marketplace. foodpanda offers a convenient platform to order food online from the widest gastronomic range through its mobile app and website. With over 1,000 local and international food chains on-board,foodpanda.pk, currently offers its services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and other cities. The foodpanda mobile app is available for download at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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Food Panda Launches Food Festival

Karachiites love Discounts, Shopping, Freebies & Food and when all of this combines into one, it’s like wonderland!

FoodPandaPK launched its online Food Festival this week (11th May -17th May) offering various scrumptious discounts on numerous top restaurants that served food in large variety – from desi Pakistani cuisine to Italian and Chinese – all was covered.

Each restaurant has its own splendid offers. I chose to order from Vintage, which I still have not happen to try, though it’s fairly popular amongst the young crowd for its ambiance and taste. My offer was 50% off on second main course and I ordered a Penne Rustica (Pasta) & Chicken A La Kiev. Both were delivered before the estimated time and super fresh!

In this summer, when one has to think a thousand times before the leaving indoors to go out for lunch… I had the best combo watching Suits, sipping Coke with my lunch from Vintage delivered hot via FoodPanda.

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And all it cost me was Rs. 1022/- Not bad for such special main courses with no expense of spending your fuel to go out in this heat. It was pretty sufficient for 2-3 people to eat together. All those out there looking to spend their weekends with some succulent food while watching a movie, log onto  https://www.foodpanda.pk/contents/pakistan-biggest-food-festival and grab your favourite meals on discount while the offer lasts! 😀

In case you miss it, don’t be sad, foodpanda.pk keeps launching these festivals at regular intervals, so keep yourself updated 🙂

Enjoy Foodies!