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EBM Supports Local Theater Play – Siachen

Theater had its enormous place in our routines earlier before home TV’s and cable invaded our lives and theater started to die out, even its quality of work began to diminish and it was no longer considered a family outing anymore. But lately, this trend changed specially due to the creation of art schools and with everyone now starting to realize the significance of art; theater started picking up momentum once again.

Written by Anwar Maqsood and directed by Dawar Mehmood, Siachen revolves around the struggles of our brave soldiers through the tumultuous experience they undergo on the world’s highest battlefield – the Siachen glacier. Like previous plays in Kopykats Production’ repertoire, Siachen is a sober and thought-invoking drama bound to affect the audience emotionally. English Biscuit Manufacturers have been of a great support to the project and are sponsors to the play.

The play will commence on October 28, 2015 at PNCA Hall Islamabad. Second leg of the play will be held in Lahore during December 2015 followed by Karachi in January 2016.

Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Head of Marketing at EBM, said, “In recent times, theatre has gained immense popularity in the country. Kopykats production plays have always come across with a strong patriotic message. This play has a very strong connection with the audience of Peek Freans Sooper, which is the country’s favorite biscuit, advocating patriotism and nationalism. Also, with Peek Freans Nankhatai, which has a nostalgic appeal; much like what Siachen has in all of us.”

The director of Siachen, Dawar Mehmood in acknowledgement of EBM’s support; said “We are honored by the support from Peek Freans Sooper and Peek Freans Nankhatai to ensure that the talent in Pakistan gets a platform to perform. For us, our plays are a way of awakening the people of this country and leaving them with a thoughtful message to ponder upon.”

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Awaiting to watch this live in the coming year! 😀

#HoMannJahaan – Theatrical Trailer

What must one do when there is so much chaos, banter and confusion rising around … how do we come to the point of making a decision for some of the most crucial aspects of our lives – Career, Family, Relationships, Lifestyle etc.

There is only one thing that you can do – sit back in peace and let your inner person speak – listen to what the heart has to say. Though full of emotions, it could still lead you to the right destination most of the times; plus there are no regrets because you did what you wanted to do any way!

An upcoming Pakistani movie, #HoMannJahaan resolves around a similar concept where three friends of a diverse nature and background set themselves apart from the norms of their family traditions and practices and pursue what they love doing most – Music

Facing hurdles, discouragement and backlashes, this trio falls trap to many emotional twists as well, but their journey to success point is a marvelous one.

“Ho Mann Jahaan is a story that will connect with people’s hearts,” explains the Director, Writer and the Executive Producer of the film, Asim Raza at the trailer launch. “The theatrical trailer sheds light on the seriousness of the subject and how the lives of the characters are entwined in their pursuit of music, rather than just highlighting the boisterous campus life portrayed in the First look released earlier this year.”

The movie is directed by Asim Raza, who is also the executive producer along with actor Shehryar Munnawar, one of the lead actors of the movie along side Mahira Khan, Adeel Hussain and Sonya Jehan

Having recognized the strength and dominance of Pakistani musicians on a world platform, Ho Mann Jahaan prides itself for having a soundtrack of 9 songs, developed out of a pool of massive talent comprising of Zoheb Hassan, Atif Aslam, Zebunnisa Bangash, Jimmy Khan, Tina Sani, Abu Mohammed, Fareed Ayaz, Asrar and Mai Dhai Band, along with music producers Faakhir Mehmood and Ehtisham Mallick; an absolute recipe for an aural treat for music lovers.

The movie has majorly been shot in Karachi and a few shots in the northern parts of Pakistan. Its due release is on the 1st of January 2016

You may watch the trailer below and then I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this exciting flick for the coming year. Don’t forget to pre book your tickets ! 🙂