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Eden Robe’s New Lawn is #TrulyYours

Summers in Pakistan mean new Lawn ranges from a variety of designers and brands. Women go excessively crazy over shopping as summers lasts in most parts, longer than usual and daily wear airy flowy lawn dresses are much in demand by both office goers and home ladies, hence the fever takes over everyone.

There are multiple players in the market now, each trying to create a unique pattern or design to appease the consumers and give them something extraordinary to wear. Eden Robe, a famous fashion brand for men, women & kids also made its entrance in this category and decided to craft something different for the ladies out there. Their launch campaign revolved around the concept of #PraisingWomen by appreciating women who can make a style statement just by wearing lawn. it’s targeted for masses and all women, regardless of class, will be able to buy good quality lawn and get all the praises.

The unstitched lawn from Eden Robe is inspired from different themes which ranges from Turkish arts, William Morris, Floral themes etc. The colors are as per the summer forecast. Apart from unstitched lawn, Edenrobe supports the idea of women wearing the traditional lawn dresses. Whether a woman is professional or only manages household chores, they should be given the liberty to wear stylish and chic lawn. With unstitched lawn collection by Edenrobe, it becomes easier for women to wear affordable and fine quality lawn.
Edenrobe came up with the hashtag “#TrulyYours” to give an impression to the customers that the brand is customers. The brand is striving to deliver only the best to its customers with right communication and message tone. This will also be the tagline for the entire campaign in days to come for Eid, Winter or New Year campaign etc. 




You may catch up with Eden Robe via following links:

Website: http://www.edenrobe.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edenrobe

The Vibrant Colours of Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week – Flashbacks!

The Fashion industry in Pakistan has been thriving gradually to unleash its innate style and flair that we have been so blessed with. Our culture is a mix of modern-traditional colours, apparels and is a unique blend of eastern and western styles.

Other than catering the affluent and the elite all the fashion designers of haute couture also have an exclusive line of prêt’ a’ porter or ready-to-wear outfits, which again, before being introduced into the market are made public at fashion shows. Fashion does not stand still, tastes shift and so does geographic focus. In Pakistan, our designers have really defined creativity and there are dozens of foreign / local educated new fashion designers who have stepped up in the industry.

Such was the Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week, laiden with a combination of creative punches and not-so-creative bloopers. The 4-day event saw the blue carpet (Telenor parent colour) studded with stars like Nida Azwer, Sania Maskatiya, Huma Adnan, Sadaf Malaterre, Anoushay Ashraf, Deepak Parwani, Maheen Khan, Hina Khawaja Biyat, Zurrain Imam, Tara Uzra Dawood, multiple fashion bloggers and media high profiles! The crowd seemed to have grown interesting over time till the finale of the FPW’15  with pbvious enthusiasm all around.

Some of the designs turned out to be really soothing and relaxing considering the summery heat of Karachi with the starting of this season. Soft pastel colours, whites & pinks together spread a fresh breeze. While some added the obviously needed crisp colour and vibrance to the ramp with much use of gold, embroidery work, greens, purples and reds!

Here are a few glimpses from all four days of the event

Amir Adnan's Shahzade Collection
Amir Adnan’s Shahzade Collection
nida azwerr frensh trellis
Nida Azwer’s French Trellis Collecion
sanaia for lawn
Sania Maskatiya for AlKaram
Zara Shahjahan Collection
Zara Shahjehan Collection
Zaheer Abbas Primavera Collection
sanam chaudhry zingarA DAY 2
Sanam Chaufhry – Zingara Collection
Shameel Ansari Collection
Sonya Batla – Manora Collection
Wardha Saleem – The Lotus Song Collection
YBQ - Lal Shahbaz Qalandar
YBQ – Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Collection
Fifth Element – Swarovski by Rizwanullah
nida azwer
Hira Tareen Clad in Nida Azwer’s French Trellis Collection
lala textiles
Lala Textiles
HSY Men exuding the Oomph factor!
Somal Halepoto
Fahad Hussayn – Dominionatrix Decoded Collection
Pooja Bhatt, the showstopper for Deepak Perwani Collection
Deepak Perwani- La Dolce Vita Collection
Amna Aqeel – Romancing the Lines Collection
Amna Aqeel – Romancing The Lines
Body Focus Museum
Day 2 (18)
Abdul Samad’s Funk Collection
FnkAsia Collection
FnkAsia Collection

And of course a very special thanks to a dear friend, Ufaq Ashfaque who took this beautiful snapshot of myself at the #TFPW15 day 1

The entire four days were a mix and match of some awe-inspiring, some contemporary, classy and not-so-classy wear. The models were super comfortable and carried out the walks with ease and no glitch! All in all a great event to be at.

The digital agency for the event, Mind Map Communications and its team trended the official hashtag #TFPW15 on the 1st day in no time and it continued to trend continuously for the next three days as well!!

Among this collection, my super favourites are Zaheer Abbas, Sanam Chaudhry, Amna Aqeel, Zara Shahjahan, Nida Azwer & HSY. Tell me about yours! 😉

Importance of Having Websites for Pakistani Celebrities*

Having a website in today’s world is of utmost importance for everyone alike be it a business man, an artist, a freelancer or even a celebrity. Pakistani celebrities, like others in the world, are public figures and very well known not in their country but abroad as well. With this kind of recognition, do they still need to create a website? The question can be why should they care about it when they are already so famous, right? One may consider it as a fun thing to do but it can be a great opportunity to create more business even for celebrities. The answer is simple – online presence definitely increases your acknowledegment not only among the people who already know you but also worldwide and that’s a win-win situation.

Let’s all admit the fact that social media and websites’ world is here to stay and stay forever. It will continue to evolve into something better and more powerful but will never go away. Then shouldn’t celebrities be concerned about creating their solid appearance online as a future investment?

Here is why celebrities in Pakistan should consider having their own websites:

Personal Branding

Celebrities are a brand themselves and creating a website for themselves only allows people all over the world to connect with them for business concerns. It creates endless opportunities for celebrities to reach out to millions of people and potential businesses all over the world. A celebrity can create their portfolio; share their recent projects, their successful projects and even those which were not so successful. Doing so will only add to your recognition and credibility and will bring you more projects. A website acts as a 24*7 advertisement platform for a celebrity showcasing their career’s highs and lows.

Create A Community

There are various Pakistani celebrities who are working for various human rights or social welfare organizations. Creating a website and putting the welfare projects on highlight that are close to your heart will not only create awareness among people but will also benefit the cause. Celebrities can use their public identification to stir awareness regarding various social issues among masses that need some serious work to do. A website helps the celebrity create a community for people to come, talk, connect and work on the issues and projects that can benefit their country and its people.

Connect With Fans

Which celebrity doesn’t like to hear good things about themselves from their fans and admirers? A website allows your fans to contact you directly or through your management regarding your projects, welfare causes or anything that inspires them about you. Hearing good comments and criticism from fans and people will only help a celebrity polish themselves for future and create projects that people like to see or hear about. Hearing out your fans and paying heed to their emotions and advices increases a celebrity’s credibility and love among his/her fans.

So in a nutshell – A website is always a great tool not only for celebrities but for anyone who runs a business, cause or anything that might interest people.

*This article is written by my friend Fizzah Iqbal, who works as a Content Editor at Incubasys 

10 World Known Pakistani Fashion Designers

Today I would like to feature an article that my friend Fizzah Iqbal, wrote for my blog.

Fashion is not just about wearing pretty clothes but is rather a lifestyle and depicts the culture of every society. Fashion industry in Pakistan, like everywhere else in the world, has evolved to a huge one with so many talented designers emerging from all over the country. Pakistan is, no doubt, not short in talent when it comes to fashion and clothing, and thus has given a lot of fashion designers who have worked hard enough to gain fame not just in their own country but all over the world. With their flawlessly created pieces to glamorous joras, all of them have perfected this field amazingly.

Let’s check out some of the internationally acclaimed names from our fashion industry.

1. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)


Who doesn’t know HSY, right? Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is one of the most talented and renowned names in Pakistan fashion industry serving it since 1994. He has participated in various fashion shows in Pakistan and abroad. He came up with his couture brand in 2000 and since the HSY label has been giving one after another hit shows and collections to the industry. He was acclaimed as one of the best fashion designers from South Asia and after proving himself in fashion he started his jewellery line and now has his own TV show Tonite With HSY.

2. Deepak Perwani


Another amazing face in fashion industry with so many hit fashion shows to his credit, Deepak Perwani was well known for his brilliantly designed men’s couture but he started his own women’s prêt line as well looking at the increasing trend and a huge demand for such dresses. His initial work consisted of bridal dresses with so many different styles and cuts now added. He gained popularity worldwide through his amazing display of dresses and incredible sense of fashion.

3. Bunto Kazmi

bunto kazmi

Among the female fashion designers from Pakistan, Bunto Kazmi is a name known well among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. With her outstanding fashion sense and couture inspired by Mughal Empire and empresses, Bunto Kazmi is a true name for cultural and native attires. She is another internationally acclaimed fashion designer who is known for promoting Pakistani culture through her designs.

4. Maria. B

Maria B

Another amazing ad talented fashion designer from the lot is none other than Maria B who is known for her chic, beautiful, modern yet classy bridal and prêt dresses. She is a part of fashion industry since 1999 and her label has become one of the best in excellence, originality and allure.

5. Asim Jofa


Asim Jofa, besides being a fashion designer is a certified jewellery designer from USA. His unique designing skills urged him to start a luxurious prêt wear line and he has not looked back ever since. His simple yet elegant design philosophy and cultural modern designs made him an internationally acclaimed designer.

6. Fahad Hussayn

fahd hussayn

A graduate from Beacon House National University in Fashion and Textile, Fahad Hussayn has now gained the popularity of a well known fashion designer in Pakistan as well as abroad. His design philosophy revolves around simple yet elegant cuts, traditional and modern patterns including chic bridal wears. Fahad Hussayn has taken the name of Pakistan fashion industry places with his designs depicting national culture and heritage.

7. Zara Shahjahan

zara shahjaha

Zara Shahjahan, the name best known for a high street casual fashion brand CoCo, learned about fashion from ramp walk shows. Graduate in fashion from National College of Arts Lahore, Zara Shahjahan has made her name as one of the most talented, chic and sophisticated designer all over the world. She began her casual prêt wear after getting huge acclamation in bridal and formal work.

8. Nomi Ansari

nomi ansari

Another graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design, Nomi Ansari is a relatively newbie in the field of design and fashion but has made his place even in his short career. He took part in many national and international fashion events such as Bridal Asia Kolkata, Dubai and LUX Style Awards and successfully made his way to being one of the best designers of the country.

9. Umar Sayeed

umar sayeed

The one all-rounder in fashion industry, Umar Sayeed has fascinated his customers and audience with jaw-dropping romantic designs and patterns ranging from casual prêt wear to heavy traditional bridal dresses. His designs which are a true depiction of tradition merged with dazzling patterns and amazing colours gave him recognition worldwide.

10. Sana Safinaz

ana safinaz

Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer are the names behind the label Sana Safinaz. Ranked and known as one of the best designer wear labels in country, the label has reached sky-heights ever since it came into existence. Their speciality lies in the conventional work they do bringing out the true colour of Pakistan’s culture and tradition.