Wonder-Women of TAF Foundation

Each of us can make a difference. Together we make change  – Barbara Mikulski  Recently I happened to visit The TAF-VTI Foundation, a vocational training institute specially designed for women, developing and honing their culinary and housekeeping skills for a specific training period. They have teams that recruit women of 18 and above from various marginalized areas of Karachi, who are looking for household work … Continue reading Wonder-Women of TAF Foundation

Whirling for A Great Cause

It’s easy to spend a bundle of thousands on an entertainment based event that gives us joy for that one evening.. But how wonderful would it be if the money spent would bring joy for a long time to come. Something that would not just benefit us but benefit those around us who are smart and talented but need support and cooperation from the already … Continue reading Whirling for A Great Cause

IATC Awards 2015 – Engro honors change agents in CSR domain

Organizations in Pakistan lately have started shifting their attention towards various social corporate responsibility functions and have started taking rigorous part in the eradication of irrelevant and unnecessary hindrances and promoting the factors that spread positivity and success among the rising generation. In order to bring prominent change in the society, one must strive to making small changes in one own self; this is the … Continue reading IATC Awards 2015 – Engro honors change agents in CSR domain

Project Butterfly – Unleash the genius in you

“There are 180 million beautiful minds in Pakistan, we just need to know how to use them” – Says Prof. Tony Buzan,  an English author and educational consultant. Inventor of Mind Mapping and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2014. The Butterfly Universe Initiative is a Global movement for Mental Literacy which is focused on ‘Learning how to learn’ and is aimed at targeting over 1 billion children worldwide … Continue reading Project Butterfly – Unleash the genius in you