God’s Way of Social Networking

Man is definitely a social animal but God is an even bigger social guru, even greater than Mark Zuckerberg, who didn’t just stop at creating Facebook but gave us a whole GlobeBook where we connect, ping, tag and follow a huge chunk of people who help us enjoy our time, move forward, make memories & cherish them forever and mind you, it’s all preplanned! From … Continue reading God’s Way of Social Networking

5 Foods that Boost Your Metabolism and Help you Reduce Weight

A healthy rate of metabolism is essential to make sure your body stays in proper shape. In layman terms, this process helps to breakdown food substances in the body (it is also responsible for building proteins and other essential substances but we will focus on the breaking down element only). If you are thinking of reducing weight or are currently engaged in this difficult activity, … Continue reading 5 Foods that Boost Your Metabolism and Help you Reduce Weight

The Game of Crests & Troughs

This is something redundantly written by many people, I assume, but it’s nonetheless always an interesting experience to relay. The early morning-glory of taking a ride to your office while passing the calm yet turbulent sea. It’s peacefully roaring (oxymoronic indeed). Each individual that passes by tends to relate a different experience with it. Some dive into nostalgia, some ponder over their meetings with their aficionados, … Continue reading The Game of Crests & Troughs

It Goes On…

Change is inevitable.    It’s part of everything we do or face since the beginning. We were created with a change in the molecular placement of cells in our body and its design. The quality of life, our needs, wishes, likes, dislikes, everything keeps changing till there comes a time where we reach the culmination of volatility and can change no further and are hence … Continue reading It Goes On…