You have been tagged

The tag buzz has hit the bloggosphere. If you’re reading this, you’re tagged. Copy paste the following questions and replace with your own answers before uploading to your blog! This is simply to get to know fellow bloggers better 🙂 The 10×3 Survey 1. Name three of your greatest fears. Fear of being alone, losing a loved one, flying insects 2. Name three most visited websites. … Continue reading You have been tagged

The raging bulls on the pitch..

Cricket is one of the most prized and cherished sports in Pakistan since a long long time. Our earlier cricketers have faced a number of difficulties to prove themselves in this field and had to go through long procedures to get into the limelight and make their mark on a national followed by global level. Today, however, the scenario is different, big brands sponsor and … Continue reading The raging bulls on the pitch..

Dove explains what beauty really is..

“Beauty is what you feel about yourself, not what you see in the mirror”  Often people describe beauty in terms of looks, features, physique or complexion but in reality, beauty cannot just be projected through apparent characteristics but requires the individual to sense it and respire through it, letting its aura spread through the entire body. Various make-up products and beauty enhancers are available in … Continue reading Dove explains what beauty really is..

The Plush Eateries of Karachi

Karachi comprises of a host of restaurants, most of them are are quickstops and small joints spread out all over the city, where a large number of karachiites visit to curb their cravings of dining out. However, those offering a specialty along with awe inspiring interior, ambience, food presentation, seating arrangement – which we over all call “A fine dining” experience are few but their … Continue reading The Plush Eateries of Karachi

What Matters in the End Is What’s On the Plate: Why Presentation Matters?

The presentation of the food is an essential part of the overall dish. It is what initially attracts you followed by the aroma, the taste and the flavour. Look at it this way. When you mow the lawn, it looks clean and nice but when you mow the lawn and put in some garden gnomes, a small pond in the corner and a few flowers … Continue reading What Matters in the End Is What’s On the Plate: Why Presentation Matters?

Johnny Rockets Experientia..

Following the bandwagon of launching international burger chains here in pakistan, Johnny Rockets just couldn’t afford any more patience & inaugurated in Karachi, Dec 06 at the Dolmen Mall Clifton. My workplace being in the nearby vicinity, my colleagues & I decided to be the first ones to explore and experience Luckily, (or maybe not) , there was not enough crazy crowd present there as … Continue reading Johnny Rockets Experientia..