Traits of An Ethical Traveler

We all claim to be passionate travelers where travelling is THE most obvious of our interests and we are all so keen about going to new places, places that may or may not, culturally or ethically be same as to where we come from. But one thing that a traveler MUST keep in mind is that no matter what place you’re going to, you’re a representative … Continue reading Traits of An Ethical Traveler

“Sooper” Pakistan Makes A Super World Record

Pakistan is a land of sheer surprises (and I mean that in all forms :P) From hitting the international media constantly on some or the other political chaos, creating buzz in sports, to disputable news & highlights on our prominent bureaucrats and federal personnel, to our women standing out in fields of Gravitational discoveries and winning Academy Awards, to our traditions and art being depicted … Continue reading “Sooper” Pakistan Makes A Super World Record

Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

REALTY CHECK: Cooking is an acquired skill, not part of the DNA that a woman must naturally be born with.   Then why on earth do we associate certain activities with just women and expect them to be perfect at it and God forbid they are not, we label them as Failures? Almost all the skills can be learned and practiced by men & women … Continue reading Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

How to Get A Polio Vaccine Certificate in Karachi

  Getting a Polio vaccine certificate has become an integral part of documentation for travelling abroad for some countries that still carry the threat of polio virus and Pakistan has been following this Temporary Recommendation diligently since the breakout in 2014. Unfortunately, not a lot of online information can be found as where once can receive this small certificate from. It usually lists the name … Continue reading How to Get A Polio Vaccine Certificate in Karachi

Bringing Walls to Life!

DOES THIS ANGER YOU??  IT BOILS ME!! Seeing my beautiful city that was once the capitol and known by multiple fancy names: The City of Lights … Paris of the East, now filled with heaps of garbage, paan spits here and there, barren and unkempt gardens, walls filled with promotional messages from notorious Aalim Babas (black magic wielders) and fake spiritual healers and those super annoying political party … Continue reading Bringing Walls to Life!

Prepare to ROFL – Comedy Masala 3 Comes Back!

Loosen up those tension lines, fasten your seat belts coz you might really fall off your seat and roll like Mr. Dumpty, (don’t say we didn’t warn ya) because #ComedyMasala is back the third consecutive time * ROARRRRRRR* After a hugely successful launch in February 2017, followed up by another set of sold-out shows in April, Comedy Masala International is back from 13 – 15 … Continue reading Prepare to ROFL – Comedy Masala 3 Comes Back!

[Short Stories] – When We Met the Borders

So excited we were to get off at this magnificent place of junction between Pakistan and China after a long long snaky ride on the Karakorum Highway that some of us didn’t hear what our guide had said “Please don’t start running abruptly or make Hasty movements, this is high altitude, you could get sick!” He had just finished saying his words when one, two, … Continue reading [Short Stories] – When We Met the Borders