Sojourning in the Lost City of the Dead – Mohen Jo Daro

Almost every student in Pakistan must have studied about Mohen Jo Daro.- Mound of The Dead, in their textbooks, some may have had been there on school trips too although that would only be only possible in winters since the temperatures around the area can otherwise rise beyond 46° at times. It’s one of the most ancient and largest settlement of the Indus Valley Civilization … Continue reading Sojourning in the Lost City of the Dead – Mohen Jo Daro

Comfortable Inside – Confident Outside

Nearly all women love shopping for clothes and shoes and anything that makes them look glamorous and makes heads turn as they walk down a street or into a gathering of some sort. Such is the pull of looking great on the outside, for the world, for others to see, but if you’re spending loads of money to buy expensive outer wear and keeping a … Continue reading Comfortable Inside – Confident Outside

Let Your Smile Say It

A smile is the most frequent, quick and simple form of communication, that translates into all possible number of languages and needs no interpreter. It’s basically hard to not incur the feeling of smiling back in response to a genuine, love filled beam. Right? Catering to the gesture of spreading smiles through a situations and lifting up moods for everyone, Lay’s started off a initiative … Continue reading Let Your Smile Say It

Ready to Make Your Mornings Great Again?

[Well, before you think its a generic piece of article, let me tell you it’s NOT, it’s specifically for Radio Listeners in you can turn around or keep reading :p …. don’t say I didn’t warn ya!] Cool, now that you’re reading this further, Let us get to the topic. So you avid radio listeners out there, you must be aware of the heartfelt … Continue reading Ready to Make Your Mornings Great Again?

The 5th Literature Festival – Islamabad

“Literature is the Mirror of Society” As the world’s attention has mostly been drawn to Pakistan on negative highlights of breaking news, terrorism, Islamist militancy and what not, we are in dire need to show the world of the cultural flip side, where readers and writers are stepping forward to share their comprehensive viewpoints on the country’s ongoing situations, progress and dilemmas and voice their … Continue reading The 5th Literature Festival – Islamabad

Kohar – Touch of Elegance & Class

Jewels have always been a woman’s thing and it always piques her interest even if they are a little expensive; admiring their designs and imagining oneself adorned by such exquisiteness. is indeed a pleasure for her. I felt the same when I went to a jewelry brand showcase called “Kohar” -meanjng “Jewel” In Armenian, launched by two young designers recently, who have come up with … Continue reading Kohar – Touch of Elegance & Class

Tips to Maintain Weight In an Inexpensive Way

I’m calling it maintaining and not losing because this article is about adopting healthy lifestyle more so and mainly for those who live a relatively sedentary life and are not active gym goers. Springing out of the bed in week 1 to go to your newly registered Zumba or CrossFit training session is easy and exciting, after all you’ve paid a handful amount to get … Continue reading Tips to Maintain Weight In an Inexpensive Way

#ComedyMasala Storm Hits Karachi Again!

Yes you heard it right! Comedy Masala, that made a huge noise in February this year is here to make louder noise this time with their second series of 4 shows over 3 nights starting the coming week from the 27-29th of April featuring the Season 3 WINNER of the Hit NBC TV Show ‘Last Comic Standing’ – ALONZO BODDEN who is a comedy bigwig, an Actor … Continue reading #ComedyMasala Storm Hits Karachi Again!