Wonder-Women of TAF Foundation

Each of us can make a difference. Together we make change  – Barbara Mikulski  Recently I happened to visit The TAF-VTI Foundation, a vocational training institute specially designed for women, developing and honing their culinary and housekeeping skills for a specific training period. They have teams that recruit women of 18 and above from various marginalized areas of Karachi, who are looking for household work … Continue reading Wonder-Women of TAF Foundation

Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

REALTY CHECK: Cooking is an acquired skill, not part of the DNA that a woman must naturally be born with.   Then why on earth do we associate certain activities with just women and expect them to be perfect at it and God forbid they are not, we label them as Failures? Almost all the skills can be learned and practiced by men & women … Continue reading Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

Comfortable Inside – Confident Outside

Nearly all women love shopping for clothes and shoes and anything that makes them look glamorous and makes heads turn as they walk down a street or into a gathering of some sort. Such is the pull of looking great on the outside, for the world, for others to see, but if you’re spending loads of money to buy expensive outer wear and keeping a … Continue reading Comfortable Inside – Confident Outside

Like Mother Like Daughter – #ProudToBeMyMum

She is the first person to surround you, the first you touch, you feel, hear, you even ate your first meal with her, went around places accompanying her, trying to get her attention, you’d bug her to talk to you when she’d be resting and despite her deep sleep,  she’d wake up and happily do so … Someone who’s been so closely bonded to you, … Continue reading Like Mother Like Daughter – #ProudToBeMyMum

Gosh This Woman…

It’s no more about settling for less, no more about weak aims or dampened spirits. On the contrary, this era is all about understanding one’s own strength and realizing the hidden potential, honing the skills and exhibiting the world what you’re capable of, in a good way of course. Yes everyone talks of being empowered and independent but whatever we do in this regard must … Continue reading Gosh This Woman…

#AgahiZaruriHai – An Informative Session on Menstrual Hygiene

This is one such topic I would usually avoid or hesitate to talk or discuss in public, but sometimes matters of such sort become so grave and can impact directly on someone’s life that they need to be addresses by hook or by crook. Recently I was invited over to a session by a friend who works as a product manager at Hilton Pharma here … Continue reading #AgahiZaruriHai – An Informative Session on Menstrual Hygiene