How to Get A Polio Vaccine Certificate in Karachi

  Getting a Polio vaccine certificate has become an integral part of documentation for travelling abroad for some countries that still carry the threat of polio virus and Pakistan has been following this Temporary Recommendation diligently since the breakout in 2014. Unfortunately, not a lot of online information can be found as where once can receive this small certificate from. It usually lists the name … Continue reading How to Get A Polio Vaccine Certificate in Karachi

[Short Stories] – When We Met the Borders

So excited we were to get off at this magnificent place of junction between Pakistan and China after a long long snaky ride on the Karakorum Highway that some of us didn’t hear what our guide had said “Please don’t start running abruptly or make Hasty movements, this is high altitude, you could get sick!” He had just finished saying his words when one, two, … Continue reading [Short Stories] – When We Met the Borders

Sojourning in the Lost City of the Dead – Mohen Jo Daro

Almost every student in Pakistan must have studied about Mohen Jo Daro.- Mound of The Dead, in their textbooks, some may have had been there on school trips too although that would only be only possible in winters since the temperatures around the area can otherwise rise beyond 46° at times. It’s one of the most ancient and largest settlement of the Indus Valley Civilization … Continue reading Sojourning in the Lost City of the Dead – Mohen Jo Daro

Unfolding Nature – Crazy Sky Series

Nature never ceases to amaze it’s lovers. It puts up a new show everyday, deliberately wanting it’s lovers to stay hooked to the surprises and beauty it has to offer..  It can intoxicate anyone who knows and understands its beauty.. who can sit for hours just to see a leaf change colors, its inhabitants waking up,  flowers blooming, secrets unfolding and all the tricks that … Continue reading Unfolding Nature – Crazy Sky Series

Of Places and Food – Larkana

Food is an integral part of all travels. It tells so much about the people, their likes and preferences, their personalities and so much more. It is that crispy crust without which the foundation would be hollow and the necessary topping which completes the final look. So yeah Food is Life! Recently I had gone to Larkana – The eden of Sindh to cover a … Continue reading Of Places and Food – Larkana

Gosh This Woman…

It’s no more about settling for less, no more about weak aims or dampened spirits. On the contrary, this era is all about understanding one’s own strength and realizing the hidden potential, honing the skills and exhibiting the world what you’re capable of, in a good way of course. Yes everyone talks of being empowered and independent but whatever we do in this regard must … Continue reading Gosh This Woman…

Life In A Blur – Meharh Village (Dadu District)

For someone sitting behind the tinted windows of a fancy 14 seater hi ace, life outside seems a lot like a showreel; moving frames, changing actors, different roles but with the fact that on the other side of the glass, the story remains the same everyday, those actors play the same roles with more or less the usual ending just to start the next day … Continue reading Life In A Blur – Meharh Village (Dadu District)