OLX Pakistan’s #WinningStory – Where Everyone Wins

Seems like it has been around for long no? OLX launched themselves with their first TVC in 2012 with the very famous tag line of “Baich Dey” that grabbed a lot of attention manly due to the catchy phrase and funny concepts of the series of ads launched later. It now somewhat owns the category, since whenever someone has to sell/buy stuff, they end up … Continue reading OLX Pakistan’s #WinningStory – Where Everyone Wins

How To Become A Chef With An App

Technology is on the loose these days, kicking everyone’s butt, turning people pro at everything coz there’s an app available for almost anything you name. You can’t be “not good” at something anymore coz that would just be an excuse. Joining the bandwagon of launching applications, Dawlance home and Kitchen appliances also launched their Kitchen & Home Care app for its users in Feb 14th. … Continue reading How To Become A Chef With An App

#TapmadTV – One Tap Solution for Watching Free Content

Downloading shows via torrent or its likes or getting an account on Netflix is really not my thing…. I’m lazy and impatient, someone who just gets a whim to watch a show there and then, but life being life…  Either the internet speed kills it or most of the content isn’t available for free or one has to go through a lot of hassle of … Continue reading #TapmadTV – One Tap Solution for Watching Free Content

Toh Phir Kuch Kar Guzro

Everybody dreams, those who say they don’t, they dream secretly too. Everybody wants be something but often let go of the desire due to one or the other reason. Now talking specifically of our society (which btw is pretty much changing now), most of our kids and career decisions are handled by our elders who by all means intend no harm, it’s just that their … Continue reading Toh Phir Kuch Kar Guzro

Are you #StormStruck yet?

Tired of the hiccups in your movie while you stream to watch something with your friends? Or the forever it takes to load those travel photos York friend has just shared on whatsapp? Or the cable wala having some issues either the satellite and hence you cant see your favourite series since the channel can’t be displayed! Phew …. so many obstacles, one problem: Internet connection One … Continue reading Are you #StormStruck yet?

Lenovo Vibe P1m – Can you stop it?

I am not usually a fan of switching from my usual smart phone brand, call me loyal or lazy but yes I do face issues pertaining to my phone’s oxygen or battery which keeps decreasing every now and then due to apps running in the background at all times. The world class PC company, Lenovo has recently added another feature to their cap by launching … Continue reading Lenovo Vibe P1m – Can you stop it?