Gosh This Woman…

It’s no more about settling for less, no more about weak aims or dampened spirits. On the contrary, this era is all about understanding one’s own strength and realizing the hidden potential, honing the skills and exhibiting the world what you’re capable of, in a good way of course. Yes everyone talks of being empowered and independent but whatever we do in this regard must … Continue reading Gosh This Woman…

Tum Ho #Sparkistan – The Anthem of Unsung Heroes

“When is the anthem going to release?” I would repeatedly ask the team members because I still hadn’t heard the audio of this beautiful documentary we had worked on 2 months ago and I was all excited and geared up to see it’s teaser which was basically an anthem giving a sneak peek into what the journey was about. The idea owned by Atlas Battery, … Continue reading Tum Ho #Sparkistan – The Anthem of Unsung Heroes

Whirling for A Great Cause

It’s easy to spend a bundle of thousands on an entertainment based event that gives us joy for that one evening.. But how wonderful would it be if the money spent would bring joy for a long time to come. Something that would not just benefit us but benefit those around us who are smart and talented but need support and cooperation from the already … Continue reading Whirling for A Great Cause

#TweetAMeal – Digital Meal Donation Campaign by Telenor Pakistan

Continuing their successful campaign from last year, Telenor Pakistan has restarted their campaign #TweetAMeal this Ramadan too, that aims to eradicate hunger as much as possible via digital help and word of mouth. This activity is about sharing photos of your meals for Sehr & Iftar and engage as many users as possible in tweeting pictures of their meals at these times; each tweet made … Continue reading #TweetAMeal – Digital Meal Donation Campaign by Telenor Pakistan

Heat Stroke Awareness & Preventive Measures

A few days ago, I received an email regarding the ongoing heat wave and tips to protect yourself and others from it in case of a stroke. Here is what I received: If you suspect someone has heat exhaustion, follow the advice outlined below. Get them to rest in a cool place – ideally a room with air conditioning or, if this is not possible, somewhere … Continue reading Heat Stroke Awareness & Preventive Measures

Highlighting Social Issues & Life of a Musician – #Udaari

Udaari, a new a Hum TV serial, that aired with its first episode on the 10th of April, talks of social vices in a (what people would say) bold manner ..but I think it’s not bold it’s necessary.  The story is about a various issues being brought to the front, of which one is looking upon music related families as a social stigma and other … Continue reading Highlighting Social Issues & Life of a Musician – #Udaari

Why Should She? [Episode 1]

Why should a woman be okay with the idea of displaying herself to the possible suitors and their families without her consent just to make her family happy? Why cannot she just get up and leave the room if she doesn’t find the potential groom pleasing enough? Instead she keeps sitting, smiling at every bizarre question thrown at her because she alone has all the … Continue reading Why Should She? [Episode 1]