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#TweetAMeal – Digital Meal Donation Campaign by Telenor Pakistan

Continuing their successful campaign from last year, Telenor Pakistan has restarted their campaign #TweetAMeal this Ramadan too, that aims to eradicate hunger as much as possible via digital help and word of mouth. This activity is about sharing photos of your meals for Sehr & Iftar and engage as many users as possible in tweeting pictures of their meals at these times; each tweet made will be equal to a meal donated to under privileged hungry kids. Hence, number of meal distributions depends highly on the tweets shared under the hashtag. They are planning to make the food distribution in Thar or related areas after Eid.
Some of us might think, ‘Oh what a waste of an effort’ or ‘Oh another way to keep a hashtag trending’ but hey! think about the outcome… a poor child can be fed just by you tweeting your meal with the hashtag and telling others around you to do the same.
After all, don’t we all make our meals wait for instagram or snapchat? Why not do it for a cause this time, yeah?
I’m already a part of this activity and hope to be a part of the distribution round too if they take volunteers along for this generous piece of work.

Look at how some awesome twitter ati share playing their part in this

Spread the Word. Tweet Your Meals. Feed the Hungry


WASH – Willingness to Pay for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Recently a survey, WASH, took place in Jacobabad (Interior Sindh) by UN HABITAT and Unicef to assist the Sindh government, which is the municipal development and services organization in Pakistan, regarding water and sanitation facilities in the area. WASH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. The survey was about the quality of services and water being currently delivered and utilized by the people there and how much they have to pay for it. The main concern turns out people of Jacobabad have no other choice but to pay whatever hefty price is demanded, that too for substandard, low quality water that takes up more than half the income from an average earning household. Officials and representative from the involved departments came forward to present the idea and their survey findings. Their solution was to set up a plant which would provide the residents with clean driving long water for a nominal few much less than what they pay currently for unclean sources of water. On the other hand, Sanitation facilities also need to be rendered in the area by construction of public toilets and daily cleanliness of the roads for garbage dumps and other filth.
The purpose of the research was to find out how much are the people willing to spend to live in better conditions, so with respect to that these aiding departments could start the project.
The session was full of valuable information and discussion. The last bit of Q&A was pretty helpful as the panel members raised a few points about the planning numbers for its execution, where a few gaps were pointed out, nonetheless, these discussions are for the benefit of the project and ultimately for the society. The more research and debate is done on a topic, more fail proof it becomes.
Further detailed reports and finding can be viewed on their website,

Social media influencers took part in this discussion enthusiastically and tweeted live from the session,

Heat Stroke Awareness & Preventive Measures

A few days ago, I received an email regarding the ongoing heat wave and tips to protect yourself and others from it in case of a stroke. Here is what I received:

If you suspect someone has heat exhaustion, follow the advice outlined below.

Get them to rest in a cool place – ideally a room with air conditioning or, if this is not possible, somewhere in the shade.increase ventilation by opening windows or using a fanGet them to drink fluids – this should be water or a rehydration drink, such as a sports drink; they should stop taking fluid on board once their symptoms have significantly decreased (usually within 2-3 hours).gently massage their skin to encourage circulationgive them water to drink (if they are conscious), but do not give them medication, such as aspirin or paracetamolUse cool water (not cold) on their skin – if available, use a cool shower or bath to cool them down, otherwise apply a cool, wet flannel or facecloth to their skin.Loosen clothing and ensure the person gets plenty of ventilation.if they are unconscious and vomiting, move them into the recovery position by turning them on their side and ensuring their airways are clear


Besides this, I feel we could take some personal preventive measures to avoid such a stroke before it happens, it’s advisable to

*stay indoors as much as possible

*cover your head when stepping outside

*keeping wet towels or wrapping your head with a cold towel when working outside

*keep yourself hydrated at all times (also keep ors)

*wearing light airy clothes and not tight ones