Step into Luxor @ #MonaJSpa

Looking good is one of woman’s primary rights and more than that, it’s about feeling good …but how does one take out time for such luxurious activities when time itself is the most scarce commodity these days. Our hectic office life, continuous exertion on hands, feet and shoulders, hot sunny rays hitting our skin and never ending work can cause a great deal of fatigue … Continue reading Step into Luxor @ #MonaJSpa

Keep ’em Freckles Away..

“Get me higher, let me look at the sun, look at the sun…” – Mikkey Ekko  Well, this only seems feasible in a song but in real, too much ‘looking’ at the sun can cause those small brown and black spots to grow on your skin rapidly which is nothing but abnormal accumulation of melanin inside your skin due to excess exposure, causing uneven coloration, … Continue reading Keep ’em Freckles Away..