“Sooper” Pakistan Makes A Super World Record

Pakistan is a land of sheer surprises (and I mean that in all forms :P) From hitting the international media constantly on some or the other political chaos, creating buzz in sports, to disputable news & highlights on our prominent bureaucrats and federal personnel, to our women standing out in fields of Gravitational discoveries and winning Academy Awards, to our traditions and art being depicted … Continue reading “Sooper” Pakistan Makes A Super World Record

Bringing Walls to Life!

DOES THIS ANGER YOU??  IT BOILS ME!! Seeing my beautiful city that was once the capitol and known by multiple fancy names: The City of Lights … Paris of the East, now filled with heaps of garbage, paan spits here and there, barren and unkempt gardens, walls filled with promotional messages from notorious Aalim Babas (black magic wielders) and fake spiritual healers and those super annoying political party … Continue reading Bringing Walls to Life!