Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

REALTY CHECK: Cooking is an acquired skill, not part of the DNA that a woman must naturally be born with.   Then why on earth do we associate certain activities with just women and expect them to be perfect at it and God forbid they are not, we label them as Failures? Almost all the skills can be learned and practiced by men & women … Continue reading Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

Gone But Not Forgotten – Our 1976 Toyota Corolla (RIP)

A car isn’t just a transportation vehicle system but it’s a big box of stories, memories, rants, happy shouts, anger bouts, repairs, long drives, sleep ins, built in cafe, dating spot and what not It’s not just any vehicle, it’s a buddy! My family never really possessed a fancy hi tech car, instead our very first one was straight out of a vintage collection, the … Continue reading Gone But Not Forgotten – Our 1976 Toyota Corolla (RIP)

Comfortable Inside – Confident Outside

Nearly all women love shopping for clothes and shoes and anything that makes them look glamorous and makes heads turn as they walk down a street or into a gathering of some sort. Such is the pull of looking great on the outside, for the world, for others to see, but if you’re spending loads of money to buy expensive outer wear and keeping a … Continue reading Comfortable Inside – Confident Outside

Kohar – Touch of Elegance & Class

Jewels have always been a woman’s thing and it always piques her interest even if they are a little expensive; admiring their designs and imagining oneself adorned by such exquisiteness. is indeed a pleasure for her. I felt the same when I went to a jewelry brand showcase called “Kohar” -meanjng “Jewel” In Armenian, launched by two young designers recently, who have come up with … Continue reading Kohar – Touch of Elegance & Class