Six Simple Foods to Enjoy in Gwadar

Every place has some special Cuisine/ delicacies to offer to its visitors, it’s fascinating how cities within the same region/province can have such a massive change of flavours and cooking method for a recipe, that the overall experience turns out way differently than what you’re used to back home. Today I came across these yummy food photos from my trip to Gwadar earlier this year … Continue reading Six Simple Foods to Enjoy in Gwadar

Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

REALTY CHECK: Cooking is an acquired skill, not part of the DNA that a woman must naturally be born with.   Then why on earth do we associate certain activities with just women and expect them to be perfect at it and God forbid they are not, we label them as Failures? Almost all the skills can be learned and practiced by men & women … Continue reading Women Using Packet “Masalas” Aren’t Real Cooks? Think Again

Asian Food Porn – #Dëshirë

There’s something seriously sexy about good smelling food – the mix of highly fragrant spices and herbs, the tossing and turning of freshly boiled noodles or aromatic rice; the sizzling sound while sauteing veges and the sharp tinge of soya and worcestershire entering the nostrils, triggering your hunger more than ever, sending chills in your body, arousing every hormone; you’re imagining its face, its colors, … Continue reading Asian Food Porn – #Dëshirë

Of Places and Food – Larkana

Food is an integral part of all travels. It tells so much about the people, their likes and preferences, their personalities and so much more. It is that crispy crust without which the foundation would be hollow and the necessary topping which completes the final look. So yeah Food is Life! Recently I had gone to Larkana – The eden of Sindh to cover a … Continue reading Of Places and Food – Larkana

Caffeine Boosts to #KickStartYourDay? Here’s Why Yes You Should…

Caffeine boosts for that morning push outta your bed, rigor and vitality for the day to go, or that grrr you hear in your tummy that tells you ‘Oh yeah, that’s what metabolism sounds like’; is a common technique for people looking for an active start to their day, be it with an aromatic tea or a hot steamy cup of coffee. In Pakistan and … Continue reading Caffeine Boosts to #KickStartYourDay? Here’s Why Yes You Should…

Promoting World Cuisines – #FrenchFoodFestival at Avari

With French cuisine, comes in mind all the cheese and butter and all that yummy stuff plus a formal dining environment with fancy dishes to eat! We dont have many restaurants offering aurhentic international cuisines here but what a lavish dining experience last night at Asia live! – Avari towers is currently celebrating the #FrenchFoodFestival till the 31st of this month that went on for two … Continue reading Promoting World Cuisines – #FrenchFoodFestival at Avari

Kitchen Time #MadeEasy by National Foods 

After a long hectic day of work, endless meetings, detailed phone calls, devising creative strategies and what not; she will now go home and have to think on what what to cook for dinner… sounds easy? Well no it isn’t! My mother finds this the toughest decision – to think of what to cook for the coming meal time. Imagine the working women who despite … Continue reading Kitchen Time #MadeEasy by National Foods 

#KarnivalOnWheels takes the Streets by Storm

In the present war zone of brands fight In the present war zone of brands fighting to prove their uniqueness and claim maximum recall power, each one comes up with a new way of attracting it’s audience and leave a mark for them to remember. Kurkure, the krunchy snack brand came up with this unique idea of having a city to city carnival on wheels.. … Continue reading #KarnivalOnWheels takes the Streets by Storm

You #GottaLoveExtra – Says #Kurkure

Chips are fun time crime partners and they can never be enough. Kurkure chips are quite an old product in the market and one of my favorites as I remember having them during my class sessions, mid breaks, or just while watching a movie. I admit, I switched my brand later to something else,  but I have been disappointed with the fact that chip bags … Continue reading You #GottaLoveExtra – Says #Kurkure