What to Expect from Comedy Masala

It was just this year (2017) that Comedy Masala first came to Karachi, giving us all hope for a boost in public entertainment and now it’s the fifth time they are performing here in less than a year! Can you imagine the crowd’s growing love for them? It’s like you just can’t have enough of it and you keep on wanting more and more, hence … Continue reading What to Expect from Comedy Masala

Prepare to ROFL – Comedy Masala 3 Comes Back!

Loosen up those tension lines, fasten your seat belts coz you might really fall off your seat and roll like Mr. Dumpty, (don’t say we didn’t warn ya) because #ComedyMasala is back the third consecutive time * ROARRRRRRR* After a hugely successful launch in February 2017, followed up by another set of sold-out shows in April, Comedy Masala International is back from 13 – 15 … Continue reading Prepare to ROFL – Comedy Masala 3 Comes Back!

#ComedyMasala Storm Hits Karachi Again!

Yes you heard it right! Comedy Masala, that made a huge noise in February this year is here to make louder noise this time with their second series of 4 shows over 3 nights starting the coming week from the 27-29th of April featuring the Season 3 WINNER of the Hit NBC TV Show ‘Last Comic Standing’ – ALONZO BODDEN who is a comedy bigwig, an Actor … Continue reading #ComedyMasala Storm Hits Karachi Again!

#ComedyMasala – Best of Hilarity Comes to Pakistan

Laughter is indeed a therapy. In a world full of grim news these days, few hours of laughter with your friends and family can release you from stress and relax you in a much needed way. Comedy Masala, a group of world class stand up comedians is finally making its way into Pakistan for their first ever time! Yeah along side PSL and CPEC and … Continue reading #ComedyMasala – Best of Hilarity Comes to Pakistan

Whirling for A Great Cause

It’s easy to spend a bundle of thousands on an entertainment based event that gives us joy for that one evening.. But how wonderful would it be if the money spent would bring joy for a long time to come. Something that would not just benefit us but benefit those around us who are smart and talented but need support and cooperation from the already … Continue reading Whirling for A Great Cause

Denmark Meets Pakistan – United By Musical Clan!

Pakistan, unfotunately, falls under the category of those countries, whose social standing / image is mostly misunderstood for often being on the headlines of some or the other negative news flash hence we don’t see a lot of our foreign friends willing to visit us freely or come touring to this part of Asia; which is quite sad, because on the contrary, there’s so much … Continue reading Denmark Meets Pakistan – United By Musical Clan!

Toh Phir Kuch Kar Guzro

Everybody dreams, those who say they don’t, they dream secretly too. Everybody wants be something but often let go of the desire due to one or the other reason. Now talking specifically of our society (which btw is pretty much changing now), most of our kids and career decisions are handled by our elders who by all means intend no harm, it’s just that their … Continue reading Toh Phir Kuch Kar Guzro

Greet the World with A Hot Cuppa Coffee

And it all started with a Nescafe… From running over to Dera for a quick short shoot to becoming a part of an entertaining and fun video for International Coffee Day, to deliberately waking up early to share morning coffee quotes with cheery good mornings to the world from #Pakistan. They were some coffee filled days of our lives. Well they always were, but thanks … Continue reading Greet the World with A Hot Cuppa Coffee

Rawaan Raho [Keep Going] – An Independence Day Message by Telenor

Pakistan is a beautiful country and there is no denying about it. One can only know this when you have visited the remote untouched virgin parts of it and felt the depth. As a traveller it’s a duty to not just visit,  absorb and praise but spread the word about its beauty and encourage more people to visit to help create a positive image to … Continue reading Rawaan Raho [Keep Going] – An Independence Day Message by Telenor

Are you #StormStruck yet?

Tired of the hiccups in your movie while you stream to watch something with your friends? Or the forever it takes to load those travel photos York friend has just shared on whatsapp? Or the cable wala having some issues either the satellite and hence you cant see your favourite series since the channel can’t be displayed! Phew …. so many obstacles, one problem: Internet connection One … Continue reading Are you #StormStruck yet?