Wonder-Women of TAF Foundation

Each of us can make a difference. Together we make changeĀ  – Barbara MikulskiĀ  Recently I happened to visit The TAF-VTI Foundation, a vocational training institute specially designed for women, developing and honing their culinary and housekeeping skills for a specific training period. They have teams that recruit women of 18 and above from various marginalized areas of Karachi, who are looking for household work … Continue reading Wonder-Women of TAF Foundation

The 5th Literature Festival – Islamabad

“Literature is the Mirror of Society” As the world’s attention has mostly been drawn to Pakistan on negative highlights of breaking news, terrorism, Islamist militancy and what not, we are in dire need to show the world of the cultural flip side, where readers and writers are stepping forward to share their comprehensive viewpoints on the country’s ongoing situations, progress and dilemmas and voice their … Continue reading The 5th Literature Festival – Islamabad