Bringing Walls to Life!

DOES THIS ANGER YOU??  IT BOILS ME!! Seeing my beautiful city that was once the capitol and known by multiple fancy names: The City of Lights … Paris of the East, now filled with heaps of garbage, paan spits here and there, barren and unkempt gardens, walls filled with promotional messages from notorious Aalim Babas (black magic wielders) and fake spiritual healers and those super annoying political party … Continue reading Bringing Walls to Life!

Kohar – Touch of Elegance & Class

Jewels have always been a woman’s thing and it always piques her interest even if they are a little expensive; admiring their designs and imagining oneself adorned by such exquisiteness. is indeed a pleasure for her. I felt the same when I went to a jewelry brand showcase called “Kohar” -meanjng “Jewel” In Armenian, launched by two young designers recently, who have come up with … Continue reading Kohar – Touch of Elegance & Class

Like Mother Like Daughter – #ProudToBeMyMum

She is the first person to surround you, the first you touch, you feel, hear, you even ate your first meal with her, went around places accompanying her, trying to get her attention, you’d bug her to talk to you when she’d be resting and despite her deep sleep,  she’d wake up and happily do so … Someone who’s been so closely bonded to you, … Continue reading Like Mother Like Daughter – #ProudToBeMyMum

#YehHaiKarachi – How Young Artists View Their Beloved City

Karachi is gigantic with massive number of people, cultures, traditions, beliefs, practices, views – both appealing & depressing – it’s a place of thousand stories; or maybe more Recently, in continuation to a former programme “I am Karachi: Travelogues”, The School of Writing has once again taken forward the initiative to highlight this city’s differing colors through art. A 50 hour free photography and film … Continue reading #YehHaiKarachi – How Young Artists View Their Beloved City

Carved Forever

When the love is so eternal… you are carved for life; together side by side forever; for centuries to come; for generations to see; for kindred to talk; for stories to be told …for lovers to replicate A common tradition of wooden encarvement in the Kalash, Chitral district of KPK, of couples, individuals, rulers, family and whosoever, after their deaths for eternal remembrance and people … Continue reading Carved Forever

Clicks From Lahore

Lahore is hugely inspiring. Every road, every architecture speaks of its initiation and story. The grandeur with which they construct everything is just amazing to witness. Even a regular restaursnt will be so lavishly constructed that it gives an almost royal feel. Lahore is about spacious roads, spacious diners, attention to architectural details, keeping culture and history intact, lots of food & life! I happened … Continue reading Clicks From Lahore

Jab Tak Truck Chalega… Shell Celebrates Truckers & Farmers Across Pakistan

Truckers and farmers endure a challenging working environment, each with his own dream to finish his job meticulously in their trucks or tractors so they can reach their #RealDestinations which is their home sweet home. Shell Rimula, a premium heavy duty engine oil, launched a new campaign called Real Destinations. The campaign looks at the life of truck drivers and farmers of Pakistan, their dreams … Continue reading Jab Tak Truck Chalega… Shell Celebrates Truckers & Farmers Across Pakistan

(1) جنت کے خطے

جنہیں پہاڑ ایک بار ڈس لیتے ہیں، وہ لوگ کچھ ادھ موےء سے ہو جاتے ہیں آم لوگوں کی طرح ہنستے بولتے تو ہیں مگر ان کی سوچ پہاڑوں کی مانند عام زہینیت سے بہت بالا تر ہو جاتی ہے- وہ اسی کے سحر میں مبتلا رہتے ہیں اور اکثر پاگل کہلاتے ہیں- بہانہ چاہیے ہوتا ہے کہ بس کسی طرح زکر چهڑے اور وہ … Continue reading (1) جنت کے خطے

CAREEM Celebrates #PakistanDay

CAREEM has become the latest sensation in booking reliable & secure chauffeur driven cars via app or call and is getting quite popular among the young crowd most of whom have given a positive feedback of their service. Headquartered in Dubai, they have their networks in 25 global cities globally. The app however, was developed in Pakistan. This #PakistanDay Careem conducted a scavenger hunt for … Continue reading CAREEM Celebrates #PakistanDay