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Doors : A Photo Essay

Closed doors carry a fascination, a vibe of enigma. So many tales locked behind them, so many stories told or untold by people who sat on the other end; the slightly ajar ones let out a little of the mystery but keep most if it concealed, heightening it.  They may symbolize opportunity and a gateway to something new or may even represent a dead end, a barrier; Your perception..

So many dreams must have been concocted behind them, big and small, while so many may have been crushed under the burden of societal pressure. So many strong women were given birth here, while some were thrown to the hands of fury and neglect. So much love was made behind them and also many bruises. many laughters were enjoyed & many tears wept.

I wonder how many of those dreams got to really see the light; but here’s to imagination of not really knowing what happened but hoping it all turned out just fine ..



جنت کے خطے (3) – ہر سو پاسو

اس تحریر کے پچھلے حصے کو لکھے ہوئے یوں تو کافی دن بیت گئے ہیں لیکن اس سفر کو دل ہی دل میں، میں روزانہ دہراتی ہوں – لگتا ہے ہی کبھی دل سے نکل ہی نہیں سکتا جی تو پچھلا پڑاؤ عطاآباد جهیل پہ … Continue reading جنت کے خطے (3) – ہر سو پاسو

Chit Chat with Sajida Hussain

Atoofa Through the Looking Glass

Sajida Hussain, 55 is Islamabad based Pakistan’s renowned figurative artists. She is a mother of three. Sajida Hussain did a diploma in painting and sculpture from Hunerkada, Islamabad, in 1999 and then advanced her training in painting by attending classes for two years at the studio of Masoor Rahi and Hajra Mansoor. She had her first solo exhibition in Karachi in 2000, and since then, has held several solo exhibitions and group shows over a period of 16 years to her credit. Her woman on canvas is surrounded by vibrant cheerful colors and romantic objects. According to her teacher Mansoor Rahi, “Sajida maintains well, the integration in formal form and void surface through using soft value and light, which creates an impact of fantasy.” – The News. Her medium of expression is oil on canvas. She is realistic artists and did her majors in sculptures. Portraits are her specialty.



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