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Can you follow instructions?

Attention To Detail


While surfing the web, I came across an interesting activity called the ‘Three Minute Timed Test’.

It is simply 23 questions listed on a piece of paper that you have to solve in 3 minutes. But here’s the catch. You have to follow the instructions very very carefully.

The first question says ‘Read Everything Before Doing Anything’ followed by a series of mathematical calculations, drawings, writings and even stuff you have to shout out loud.

The last question, however, says ‘Now that you have finished reading carefully, do only number 2’, which is a simple task of penning down your name in the top left corner of the paper.




We conducted this activity at the office today, and only 16% of the people got the answers right.

But seriously, what we all learned from this simple 15 minute session is that in the haste to finish all the tasks…

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My Top Five Wild Hikes

Enough to give you goosebumps..


I just finished reading Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” a dark, raw and fiercely humorous book on how one woman finds herself during a three-month long trek through the wild Pacific Crest Trail. The book is powerful, emotional, honest and inspiring, and Strayed uses her brilliant memoir to take a hard look at self-discovery, heeling and change.

Of course when times are tough, we can’t always pick up our bags and leave town. Yet, I often find that there is no better way to escape and reflect upon life than to go on a hike, and the more remote and wild, the better. I have been fortunate to have done many wonderful adventurous hikes over the years.  Although every hike I’ve done has been special and has brought me to a new place, there are a select few that have truly inspired me and…

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That Unknown Friend..

As I sat by the window sill; staring out in the open view thinking deep about how i would go about my future plans;

A new house, cash to be aggregated, wedding to be planned, parents to be taken care of & a lot more. 

Music was running constantly in my ears, song unknown, but my brain was pacing with the flow of beats. Turbulent. Dynamic. Fierce

Still consumed by my thoughts, I felt something pierce through my skin from one side..

A pair of eyes.. 

God knows for how long had those eyes been observing me

Felt a cold chill for it was uncalled for.. 

a message popped up on my cell phone then saying something that made me giggle instantly, maybe out of its sheer stupidity or audacity, nevertheless it made me smile and break free from the chains of endless frazzled thoughts, 

A small effort to adorn my face with the upward curve because I am told I look hideous with a solemn expression 

Thank you my not-so-close-yet-a-caring friend, you are splendid 🙂

Sometimes the people you least expect from engrave a long lasting causatum on your mind.




Sawan Ghatta..


One understands the true meaning of “heat” when you are also fasting. Each and every sweat breaking individual could be seen with their hands raised high, praying to Allah to reduce this deadly heat specially the poor weather-ridden Karachiites.
Our weather forecast departments have become a joke too, whose word no one believes to be true. However surprisingly this time they decided to prove us wrong and as per the reports relayed yesterday, it was dark and rainy-ish earlier at the start of the day today.
I had woken up with a sulky mood, which is often the case in Ramzan due to oh-so-many sleep gaps but as soon as I heard the first slight roar of thunder, the mood tilted to the brighter side & then it began.. the long awaited thunderous rain.
It felt as if the God of thunder, Thor & his rival, Loki were having a serious disagreement up there! ( haha just kidding)

But honestly, the love between the sky and earth could then be seen frivolously as the heavy drops came down in a super speed to kiss the thirsty ground and earthly nature.
Every face was gleaming, Every flora was expressing its happiness by exuding the lovely green shade. The profound prayers of karachiites were heard finally

The only thing missing throughout the experience were Pakoras, since majority of the people were fasting.. it was quite difficult to resist the craving for a hot cup of tea with freshly fried Pakoras and not to forget, the hari chatni. Well it won’t be a matter of a few hours when we can enjoy these delights too.

All in all, my observation says that people tend to be happier, stress free, much polite & livelier when it rains hence I pray we karachiites would get more of this weather to keep our heads and moods fixed for some time. Agree?