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A food and travel enthusiast, somewhat writer, phone photographer, nascent vlogger and influencer from Pakistan. In my head, I'm always traveling, no kidding! An ex advertising professional, who decided to go solo and rule the world - have I been successful? Hell yeah! In my own weird definition of course. I pay my bills as a Voice Over Artist and a Voice Actor, a passion I always had but realized it much later in life and gladly following it now. Once or twice in a year, I take commercial trekking trip to the mountains with avid like minded hikers and trekkers to the north of Pakistan, so watch out my social media (specially instagram: for updates to join me on my trips :)

After A Long Hiatus

It’s the 18th of December, I am up early on a Sunday morning with zero motivation to do anything at all. Scrolling through my apps, I come across WordPress which I haven’t launched in a very long long time, in fact I even forgot the … Continue reading After A Long Hiatus

This September – Be Unstuck

Was kann man vom September alles erwarten? ā€“ Wetterkanal vom  Kachelmannwetter-Team

These past months have been such a drag, super slow and monotonous – Specially August – that month won’t just give up right?

There was this feeling of “being stuck” – no matter how hard you tried to finish off tasks, the brain would simply come to a standstill – like things weren’t moving on, projects not picking up, payments getting delayed, words unable to be put across, emotional blockages, absolute demotivated mental state & what not.

I understand that sometimes this “stuck” phase is necessary to slow down after an ongoing fast paced rut that we sometimes get entangled in not realizing that we have been running far too long and haven’t had the chance to pause, look back and reflect or simply just rest.

SEPTEMBER on the other hand came blowing a fresh air of vigor in my opinion – suddenly life isn’t too “stuck” anymore, projects started moving forward, payments rolling in, words flowing by more easily, emotional and mental cobwebs gradually fading away – like there’s a general shift of energy, don’t you think?

Now since I have some interest in astrology and cosmic numbers, I have a personal theory to back this emotional feeling I’ve been having.

Astrologically I associate August (8th month of the year) with planet Saturn and the Sun and since apparently Saturn was in opposition early August 2021 appearing bright and close to the Earth visible in the night sky – it being the strict teacher, limits and slows you down where needed in life and restructures aspects that need shifting. Moreover, Uranus being in retrograde meaning appearing to move backwards in its orbit, creates tensions and dissatisfactions. Hence the feeling.

Since September, (the 9th month) symbolizes a cycle coming to a closure and new beginnings around the corner, sees most part of it with the Sun in Virgo and Mercury, the planet of communication as it’s ruling planet in its home sign, resulting in easy flow of words and logical actions. Moreover, Jupiter and Venus, the planets of Luck, Higher learning, Travel, Love & Beauty collectively are also in forward motion – both planets appearing quite brightly in the night sky these days – to me that represents hope and positive energy. Hence the optimism.

Not that you have to keep up with all these cumbersome astrological details all the time, but it’s good to keep a check of these energy phases once in a while and stay aligned with the shift of energy so that you can make the use of this time best suited for yourself.

This ongoing forward motion energy will be at its peak till the end of this month then why not make use of this time frame and set a high vibration intention for ourselves and others. Let’s not be stuck in doing the mundane and instead apply this zeal to opening up more doors of opportunities, finish the unfinished tasks, gather courage to feel new emotions, invite new experiences and let go of what was keeping us stuck in a loop – the same way I took advantage of this period to finish off this pending blog and and one of my travel videos, which I’ll post about soon šŸ™‚

Here’s to being unstuck … Cheers! šŸ„‚