Ormara – Last Trip Before the Lockdown

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Believe me, there was a lot more scheduled for 2020.

Some high altitude passes, lakes, remote valleys, mystical cities, desert rallies to be covered and what not.

But all plans were bubble bursted, thanks to COVID-19 breakout, leaving 2020 to be a non friendly year for travel enthusiasts.

So all there’s left related to Travel in my life personally, is reminisce the days gone by – days of freedom, exploration and random weekend plans. The last of which happened to be at Ormara, a short but joyful weekend trip with friends. (sounds like a dream now)

Scroll for highlights and pictures from Ormara trip

Let’s reminisce together

January 4th – we decided to take a weekend trip to Ormara with Pakistan Backpackers – a tour company I was trying out for the first time coz my friends decided to go with it. Due to the weather being cold Karachi those days, most of the bookings got cancelled as people fell sick and that mainly left our group of 10 and another small group headed for the trip, which turned out a blessing for us. As much as I love mingling with other travelers, I prefer less chaotic, hassle free trips with my people. You with me?

More details on the trip in the vlog below

Key Points To Remember

  • One of the very important points to remember when leaving for any destination in balochistan is leaving as early as possible, which I’ve already stressed enough in my blog Karachi to Gwadar . This is to avoid jams and harsh honkings around Lasbela and Hub Chowki
  • Don’t miss out on Zero point – else you head straight on to the road to Quetta, like we did and ended up wasting an hour over time.
  • Make sure to utilize washroom facility before getting on Makran coastal highway, it’s a long unwinding road till you’ll finally reach Kund Malir in about 1.5 hours
  • Do not book a Hi – Ace with crammed you leg spaces, if you’re 10+ persons (not even 11) – otherwise your legs will scream real bad at the end of the trip
  • Forget uploading real time stories a little after Kund Malir,as you’ll only receive 2G connectivity. Ufone works smooth for calls and texts.
  • Lower your fancy food expectations

Stills From The Trip

Visual Journey

For details on the journey, that is where to stay, where to dine and things to do – check out this Vlog I documented from the trip, it has details of the beach resorts and places you should see on the way:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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