Bittersweet Borith Lake & Trek to Passu Glacier View Point

Every destination has a unique tangent to it that makes it memorable in some way

Borith Lake, for me, would be memorable for being the first lake I ever swum in! otherwise despite being to so many others, I’ve never had the courage to jump into any, probably because of the cold temperatures, as Borith was a perfect cool dip on a hot hot day and the season was July.

HOW WAS MY EXPERIENCE? – well being the first, it will always hold a special place in my heart, however it was also literally a bitter experience – as Borith waters are ultra saline but said to have therapeutic qualities.

How to Get There

Borith Lake is situated in Gulmit, at a quick drive of roughly 20-30 mins from Hussaini village. It’s surrounded by multiple villages and connecting glacial stretches. This place has few properly constructed hotels around it and a camping site at the far end in a corner, which is very convenient and extremely reasonable for backpackers as it charges roughly Rs. 500/- per camp*

Food & Bathroom Facilities

I didn’t eat many meals here but whatever I had was delicious. Very apt for Karachi taste buds and not like how they usually keep it simple and less spicy at other lake camp sites. They raise their own poultry for fresh usage in meals

Also, GREAT NEWS! The site has two properly cemented washrooms and a continuous flow of water. (There goes a sigh of relief for many women, eagerly wanting to travel but having washroom issues 😀 )

Swimming in Borith

If you can withstand the bitterness of the water, the swim is pretty good. However the salty experience doesn’t let you go too deep into the center as it gets denser and keeping your head under water for long becomes difficult.

Bittersweet Borith | Ambyzee

What Else To Do?

Besides enjoying a great view, swimming in Borith and eating fresh chicken, you can also wander off to see some nearby sites, such as

  • Ghulkin Village
  • Ghulkin Glacier
  • Passu Glacier View Point
  • Gulmit Village

Passu Glacier View Point

The lake is surrounded by a series of glaciers, mainly receiving it’s source of water supply from Ghulkin glacier.

The one on the other side is Passu Glacier and the trek to its view point is roughly 2 hours away from the camp site.

Trek Type & View?

It’s pretty basic to begin with, with long stretches of a straight path winding around a deserted village that was once full of life but saw desertification when fresh water supply in the area became scarce.

The straight path takes a slightly steep ascent almost at the end of it when you start seeing a panoramic view of Passu cathedrals and Batura Mustagh range and so many other peaks I’m not even sure of. Nonetheless… It’s a breathtaking sight indeed.

Intense panoramic view during Passu Glacier Trek | Ambyzee

As you keep going higher to the view point, you start seeing a snow ridge at the far distance, in front of you, shining in the golden rays of a setting Sun, this my friend is the Batura Wall with Batura Sar (peak), 10th highest mountain in Pakistan.

Sit across the edge of the cliff, descending onto the glacial patch and watch the sun go down from here. It’s absolutely stunning!

Here’s a quick visual journey of my stay at Borith Lake and the trek itself. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Bittersweet Borith Lake & Trek to Passu Glacier View Point

  1. I have been to almost all corners of the country, have seen and been through them like none else but I envy the way Free Bird fully appreciates them.

      1. My pleasure. Was narrating to a friend that once I had to travel through snow and blizzard for a night fearing to get lost or have frostbite on my way. If you get a chance or permission, try to explore Burzil pass and beyond. Good luck

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