9 Recommended North Trips for Summer 2019

After writing a concise blog on recommended weekend trips to take in April, I received tons of messages to suggest tours for the upcoming summer holidays as well.

So you happen to be in luck as quite a few interesting travel events are taking place this year, ranging from mind blowing treks for adventure seekers to convenient group tours as well as luxury trips for the ones looking for leisure.

Pick one from the list below that best suits your style

1. Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat Base Camp – Climax Adventure Pakistan

(Jun 7 – Jun 11 | PKR 19,500/-)

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature
courtesy: Climax Adventure

Gear up for some fun and adventure with magnificent views of the mighty Nanga Parbat as you hike up the thrilling track of Fairy Meadows – get prepared to be captivated by the reflection lake, lush green meadows and an unforgettable view of the Nanga parbat that will cling to you for life.

Climax adventure is one of my favourite groups to travel with because of utmost professionalism, customer convenience and great support during treks and tours.

Event Details here

2. All Skardu – Exprience Best of Baltistan – Rover Pakistan

(Jul 12 – Jul 22 | PKR 28,500)

Image may contain: cloud and text
Courtesy: Rover Pakistan

An itinerary designed specially to show you into the home of Mountains – Skardu & its surroundings including, Shigar, Khaplu and Deosai – the last sanctuary of the Himalayan brown bear and also the second highest plateau in the world. The event highlight being Deosai Safari via Astore Valley, another breath taking location to visit.

Rover Pakistan is yet another one of my favorite groups to travel with, specially because of their ability to manage very large groups of people so conveniently.

Event details here

3. Haramosh Valley & Kutwal Lake – Discover Pakistan

(Jun 7 – Jul 12 | PKR 22,500/-)

Image may contain: mountain, outdoor, nature, text and water
courtesy: Discover Pakistan

Witness the unique beauty of Haramosh, a scenic valley located in the middle of Karakoram range. It offers a breathtaking trek to one of the most beautiful high altitude lakes – Kutwal right under the shadow of Haramosh peak. The trek provides a combination of the beautiful villages with snow covered mountains, plentiful livestock, forests, meadows, glaciers and lakes.

Event details here

4. Broghil Valley, Karomber Lake & Ghizer – Caravaan Sara’ay

(Jul 15 – Jul 25 | PKR 52,000/-)

Image may contain: mountain, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature
Courtesy: Caravaan Sara’ay

Explore the unexplored majestic valley of Broghil and get familiar with the unique ethnic culture of Wakhi people. Experience the local Pamiri food and visit multiple other locations including Shandur, Phander, Langar Valley, Gahkuch etc.

I travelled with Caravaan Sara’ay last year to Kumrat Valley and found them to be very humble and cooperative service providers.

Event details here

5. Neelam Valley Tour – Saiyah Travels

(Jun 14 – Jun 16 | PKR 8500/-)

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature
Courtesy: Saiyah Travels

For those looking for a quick weekend getaway with no worries of applying for leaves or getting it heavy on the pocket, here’s a pretty economical package for you to relax it out a little in the scenic landscapes of Kashmir Valley, enjoying lunch scenes in picturesque Arang kel and spectacular views of Sharda and Kutton on the way

Moreover, I can personally vouch for their management as I recently went with them on a bike tour to the north that was nothing short of magnificent! (details in another blog soon!)

Event details here

6. Mega Hunza Trip – Baydaar Travels

(Jun 10 – Jun 16 | PKR 25,000/-)

Image may contain: mountain, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature, text that says 'HUNZA NARAN 25000 PER HEAD SHOGRAN KHUNJERAB SIRI PAAYA 10TH JUNE - 16TH JUNE'
Courtesy: Baydaar Travels

If you’re looking to see it all in one ticket then get ready to embark on this mega trip covering multiple splendid locations like Kaghan Valley, Naran, Saiful Mulook, Hunza, Siri Paaye, Shograan and Khunjerab.

I have heard many good reviews regarding Baydaar but never somehow had the chance to acquire their services personally, although I would love to …. soon!

Event details here

6. Shandur Polo Festival – Worldie

(Jul 6 – Jul 10 | PKR 25,000/-)

Image may contain: text
Courtesy: Worldie Community

Pack your bags to witness an exhilarating match of Polo at the Roof of the World, Shandur (3700m) and even though Shandur polo festival happens every year in its usual way but this time Worldie is bringing in a little twist to the event, adding a special Travellers night “The Night Episode” at the end of the tour specially for its participants – The episode has a musical and food night planned and will host many social media celebrities including Moroo and others.

Event link here

7. Trek to K2 Base Camp via Gondogoro La – Alpas Travels

(Jun 29 – Jul 13 | PKR 130,000/-)

Image may contain: mountain, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature
Courtesy: Alpas Travels

Here’s something for the thrill seekers! Venture out on an ultimate journey of adrenaline rush to behold the sight of mighty K2 with your own eyes. This Baltoro, K2, Gondogoro La has one of the loveliest panoramas on earth. Here, you’ll see four of the five gigantic 8000m peaks nestled together and many other towering formations adding spark to the wilderness. The scenery here truly cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

Event details here

8. Leepa Valley Tour – Paradise Adventure Club

(Jun 6 – Jun 10 | PKR 12,500/-)

Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature
Courtesy: Paradise Adventure Club

If you’re looking for an Eid getaway, here’s a little excursion, different from the usual destinations in Kashmir – This is Leepa Valley, 105 kilometeres away Muzaffarabad, that was once part of Jammu & Kashmir and is less visited by tourists galore. So if you’re looking to mark a new spot and enjoy seclusion away from the herd of tourists, this is an ideal location.

Event details here

9. Kumrat Valley Tour – Roam The World

(Jun 8 – Jun 12 | PKR 16,000/-)

Image may contain: mountain, outdoor, text and nature
Courtesy: Sher Ali Saafi

Head out to explore vast green pastures, snow clad mountains, foggy mounds and forests and experience a night under the brightest of the skies while you camp out in the open field. Kumrat Valley is yet another beautiful location in Upper Dir district of KPK . The flora and fauna here is unique and heart captivating indeed. Tour includes visit to Thal, Takai Top, Jahaz Banda, Katora Lake, Kumrat Jungle, Kala Chashma etc.

Event details here

So this was my assorted list of tours for this summer, although I am sure more tours will be updated as time goes by so don’t forget to stay tuned by checking out these pages and other trips that they are offering as well!

Was this article helpful? Please let me know in the comments below!

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