11 Short Trips You Must Check Out This April 2019

Winter is finally fading out, which means it’s THAT time of the year when most of the people are either leaving for spring travels or planning something for Summer.

If you’re looking for a quick break this April and wondering how not to disturb your office leaves that you’ve been saving for the big vacation in the summer holidays, here’s an assorted list of a few short getaways within Pakistan, that will not only feed your travel bug the right way but also ascertain the fact a bit more just how beautiful Pakistan really is.

No matter where you are right now, there’s a little something for everyone – so pick and choose whatever’s near you..

1. Moola Chotok, Khuzdar – Alpas Travels

(April 27 -28 | PKR 8000/- )

Courtesy: Alpas Travels

Enjoy nature’s marvels hidden inside Balochistan with a little bit of off roading and an experience of swimming in fresh water springs.

Trip details here

2. Sharaan Forest – Caravaan Sara’ay

(April 26 – 29 | PKR 10,500 /- )

Take a luxury camping experience in the middle of Manshi Forest of KPK

Trip details here

3. Bhit Khori – Rover Pakistan

(April 27 – 28 | PKR 5975/- )

Take a break from the city life on a weekend, camp by the beach and witness the spectacular phenomenon of bioluminescent phytoplankton right here in your city.

Trip details here

4. Astola Island – Tour 0 km

(April 19 – 20 | PKR 15,999/- )

Coutesy: Google

Venture into the uninhabited lands of Astola Island, 39kms away from Pasni in Balochistan – The largest biodiverse Island in Pakistan

Trip details here

5. Gwadar & Hingol National Park – RnB Tours

(April 19 – 21 | PKR 8999/- )

Witness unique landscapes across Makran Coastal Highway enroute breathtaking sites of Kund Malir & Golden Beach, Sphinx, Princess of Hope, Buzi pass and Ormara till Gwadar.

Trip details here

6. Swat Valley & Malam Jabba – Mammoth Tours & Trekkers

(April 25 – 28 | PKR 9500/- )

Courtesy: DestinationsPK

An unforgettable trip to Swat, Bahrain Kalam and Malam Jabba right at the end of snowfall season

Trip details here

7. Hunza, Nagar & Khunjerab – Discover Pakistan

(April 30 – May 5 | PKR 22,500/- )

Ok not too short of a trip but worth all the spending to visit the mind blowing Karakorum highway, 100% literacy rate, world highest border and most popular tourist destination in Pakistan.

Trip details here

8. Gojal Blossom Tour – Climax Adventure Pakistan

(April 20 – 25 | PKR 24,500/-)

Courtesy: Climax Adventure Pakistan

Explore the unexplored villages of Hunza region with the locals, eat healthy food and experience Wakhi traditions and culture.

Trip details here

9. Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir – Tripkoo Tourist

(April 25 – 28| PKR 8000/- )

Courtesy: Tripkoo Tourist

Mesmerize yourself with the scenic landscapes of Kashmir Valley rightfully known as the sight of Heaven on Earth.

Trip details here

10. Skardu Tour – Travel Guides Pakistan

(April 26 – May 3| PKR 23,500/- )

Courtesy: Travel Guides Pakistan

Behold! For you’re stepping into the Land of Gigantic Mountains – the hub for all climbers and home to the world’s second highest plateau in the world with rare species of Himalayan brown bear also sighted.

Trip details here

11. Ziarat & Quetta – Rover Pakistan

(April 26 – 28 | PKR 12,500/- )

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Grab the mini feels of vacationing in the North with mountains around, hints of the last snow, cold nights, great food and even better hospitality in Quetta.

Trip details here

Have a break, Explore a little!

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