8 Spots To Curb Your Cheesecake Cravings In Karachi

I’m not sure about you, but I am certainly a huge cheesecake fan. Put all the fancy desserts on the menu on one side and a Cheesecake on the other – the scales are equal for me. It’s a mood fixer and a sweet sinful escape

So read on if you have non-stop cheesecake dreams like me and are always looking for spots that serve the best. Below are some mouth watering cheesecake spots in Karachi, shortlisted via people’s choice

Secret: The last one is totally unexpected and surprising!

1. New York Coffee

As per the majority of votes and facebook reviews, NYC serves the best one in town.

Rs. 590 + tax (per slice)

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

2. Cocochan

I’ve heard this almost new Pan Asian restaurant at Tipu Sultan is really kicking it with their cheesecake recipe

Rs. 360 + tax

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

3. Nando’s

Turns out our favorite Peri Peri hot-spot is also a major attraction for serious cheesecake fans

Rs. 410/-

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

4. Del Frio

Where food might not be the main reason to visit Del Frio, Desserts are coffee sure are. This place got quite many votes too

Rs. 320/-

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

5. Pie In The Sky

The ever popular go-to dessert place in town didn’t lag behind to make it to this list as well, however their representative informed that they don’t serve individual slices hence the entire 2 pound cake is up for purchase

Rs. 1650/-

Photo Courtesy: PITS Facebook Page

6. Xander’s

What better way to end good food with a kickass dessert of cheesy goodness

Rs.  490/-

Photo Courtesy: Ambyzee The Freebird

7. Soi Asian Bistro

A good dessert can really fix a bad mood as well as bad food. This gorgeous and different looking raspberry cheesecake in jar is a hot selling item

Rs 610/-

Photo Courtesy: Ambyzee The Freebird

Here comes the surprise!

What I’m about to reveal is not so well known among the masses; is seriously equal to these fancy options listed above but majorly beats them all on one thing: PRICE

8. EBCO Bakery (Forum Mall)

These delights are available usually after 11am everyday and guess what, only for Rs. 150/- a slice!!

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Taste is equivalent to any top notch restaurant and quality is uber fresh.

So get your hands on it next time you’re around but mind you, it runs out real quick due to high demand and limited supply

All the pictures may not be mine but I can assure you I have tried all of these personally and so many more like the Brew factory, Bella Vita, Patio and even Kababjees 😛 , but since these are people’s recommendation – it’s limited

What do you think of this list? Is there any other spot that should have been mentioned here? Do let me know in the comments below 👇

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