PALS – Pakistan’s Desi Version of Baywatch

Lean figures, worked out bodies, one piece suits, some life saving and all that glamour – who doesn’t remember BAYWATCH?

Is Pakistan going to have it’s own version? maybe. Read on..

200-300 drowning cases every high tide season”

That is how horrifically high the number of deaths by drowning used to be on Karachi beaches every Summer

Most of these accidents happen due to negligence of not throwing caution to the safety signs or paying attention to the lifeguard’s instructions or simply the over confidence of our people on their abilities of deep sea swimming.

Lifeguards – yeah seen those colorfully attired lads in yellow and red often whistling at people cautioning them or paddling in the sea to save a life? These guys are your true PALS in times of need.

Like literally, they are your true PALS – Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS) is an independently created rescue organization running since 2004 saving people from drowning at the beach, training life saving techniques and offering adventure sports and activities in a safe environment.

Most of these lifeguards are local members of the Mauripur community, whose families mostly have been occupied as fishermen and are already familiar with the Sea on a daily basis, thus making them excellent swimmers.

These young lads join this profession of life-guarding out of love for saving lives and obviously to open new doors of earning income.

Associating with such a platform as PALS, has provided them opportunities to grow professionally and personally groom themselves through education and sports training. They have represented Pakistan in international games as well for which they have won many medals.

PALS, like all other NGO’s faces issues of lack of funding to purchase updated life saving equipment and conduct mass level awareness sessions on the underlying issue of drowning, ironically because maybe it’s not considered as top priority.

They need more and more educated members to join the team, to spread the word and get more and more people to be trained for this noble cause – So imagine if you’re trained professionally, you could actually help someone out in need and that would make you feel so good.

Anybody with basic to advanced swimming skills are encouraged to join them and even those who are amateurs can opt for training prior to becoming professionals since PALS has a coaching facility as well.

So far, PALS has been able to save 5000+ lives since their inception and reduced the number of incidents to an average of 10/ year from a stark number of ~300  and they’re highly proud about it, why shouldn’t they be? 

In addition to this, they also offer Adventure Sports activities like jet skiing, scuba, snorkeling, boat tubing etc at very reasonable prices.

If you’re interested to volunteer or enjoy the activities, do visit their page


You can also watch this short visual story I created on PALS.


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