And It’s A Wrap!

Like any other year gone by previously, 2018 went down a tad bit faster than usual – with, correct me if I’m wrong, the first half moving slow at a snails pace and second half picking up the speed of the fastest roller coaster in the world.

It was a year of major shifts, game changing moments and big decisions.

For me this year was all about realizing aspirations, traveling locally, recovering lost opportunities and of course learning a few lessons on the side.

As 2018 comes to a close, I feel it’s only natural to recap the prominent highlights, specially with regards to my travels / excursions and I would love to take you all along my small journey of reflection as follows..


Kumrat Valley – July 2018

Katora Lake – July 2018

The first ever ankle twist experienced in the mountains! – July 2018 

Gorakh Hills – November 2018

Gorakh Hills – November 2018

Exploring Thar with Samar Khan

Sri Sant Neenuram Temple – November 2018

Tubing at French Beach – December 2018

Snorkelling at French Beach – December 2018

Discovering this wonderful lady who happens to love food like myself – Eva Zu Beck 

KARACHI – November 2018

Ranikot – December 2018

Ranikot – December 2018

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Shrine – Sehwan – November 2018

Crabbing Scenes at Kemari – December 2018

Every single experience highlighted here is etched fresh on my soul, like I can virtually travel to all these places by just closing my eyes, maybe even keeping them open!

Where 2018 was tough in some ways, it was also quite evolving in many other. Here’s to believing and achieving that 2019 will be filled with even more wonderful experiences, lasting memories and travel awesomeness!

How was your 2018 and how do you see 2019 to be for yourself? Let’s get some conversation rolling in the comments below!

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