These 27 Photos From Kumrat Valley Will Give You Major Travel Cravings

The Valley


Up until a year ago, not many people were aware of this remote beauty centered amidst snow clad peaks, towering trees, dense forests and Panjkora river – Kumrat Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, situated in the upper Kohistan region at the foothills of Hindukush mountains with Swat, Ayun and Chitral valleys surrounding it.

How To Get There


Tentatively 11-13 hours away from Islamabad, the valley is accessible by small and large vehicles via Dir Road, that heads straight north till the point of a road split, where the left leads to Chitral and the right leads deep into Lamoti Village, furthering into Thal, Do Janga, Jandrai etc as part of Kumrat Valley. Once you reach Thal, you’ll require a 4×4 jeep to reach these places as the roads are unmetalled. Trekking is also involved to reach the high altitude Jahaz Banda meadow and respective Katora Lake (11,500 ft)

Convenience Tip: Hire professional tour services for a 100% stress and carefree experience – In my case I chose Caravaan سیرائے to be my host for this trip. And they did a great job! 

What Does It Look Like?


Words can’t describe the magic this place exudes; only first hand witnessing can – but for now, let’s just get you a little excited with these mind blowing snapshots from my recent trip. Enjoy!

Jandrai – the starting point of Jahaz Banda trek


Kumrat Valley Landscape


Raja Taj lodges at Jahaz Banda Meadows


Jahaz Banda Meadows


Katora Lake Trek


Magnificent Lake Katora (11,500ft)


Waterfall near Do Janga




Kumrat Forest




Food Stop at Do Janga


Kumrat Forest





Jeep ride to Kumrat Forest


Camping at Kumrat Forest – Panjkora River in view





Jahaz Banda Meadows


Summer / Spring at its best at Katora Lake





Jahaz Banda Landscape


Kumrat Forest


Katora Lake – On top of the world


Overlooking the Kumrat Forest


Katora Lake Perspective

Travelled virtually through these photos? Now pack your bags and head straight for a vacation.

On a scale of 1-10, how much are you craving to visit this place? 

9 thoughts on “These 27 Photos From Kumrat Valley Will Give You Major Travel Cravings

  1. When you say it takes 11-13 hours do you mean Dir (I have been to Chitral in about 14 hours)…and once you leave the main road and take the turn to Kumrat Valley how is the road…upto Thal…from where you have to take 4×4…Google maps says Kumrat is 90 km from Dir and 45 km from Upper Dir…how is the road to Upper Dir and lastly is the road open or there is still snow there?

    1. 11 -13 hours to reach Thal or start of Kumrat from islamaIsl.. chitral is much further which is why it takes more time to reach there. You take a left turn towards Kumrat valley much earlier than chitral.. so I’m not sure what route you’re taking From the other side but we went straight from Swat road. Road to Thal are normal but not fully carpeted. From thal onwarda you got to take Jeeps up to jandrai

    1. I don’t recall that detail much now since I took this roughly 2 years ago… Although upper Dir to Thal was I guess 1.5 hours, based on that it should have been 1.5 hour further into the do janga jungle as well… Jandrai was 2 hours drive

  2. But now the road is clear and you will be reached in one hour. A good place and natural beauty.

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