9 Randomly Essential Items to Pack for the Mountains

Traveling is fun.

But one of the most challenging phases about travel is packing what to take.

A trip to the Mountains means hiking and camping overnight, hence varied temperatures, altitudes and backpack weight need to be kept in mind and not to forget, the uncertainties that may follow just about ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!

Other than carrying the usual items like sunscreens, jackets, hiking shoes, torch etc there are some apparently random items that we often forget to pack but can turn out very useful during such excursions

Here’s a list of some uniquely random items, that won’t take up a lot of space and must be packed nonetheless.

1. Black Tee’s 


We all learnt at school, that black color absorbs the most amount of sunlight, hence keep loads of black tee’s; in case the cold increases, just pop on the extra black tees under your jacket or warmer. Also they don’t dirty too quick, so you won’t have to wash them often.


2. Dried Apricots / Dates / Tamarind

Higher altitudes bring problems like nausea, height sickness, vertigo etc. Locally developed fact is that sucking on dried apricots and tamarind can help fight fatigue and headaches experienced during trekking while dates are an age-old solution to balancing out sugar levels.


3. Thermals / Woolen Leggings. 

images (2)

Carry as many as you want as they are easily foldable one into another. Like the Tee’s, you can wear them underneath your lowers or just these depending on temperatures.


4. Aloe Vera

Aloe-Vera-JuiceYes! One of the most important skin and health essentials you should keep with yourself. Peel and scoop large quantities of Aloe Vera gel and seal in small containers for you to carry for travels. Not only will it help with healing skin tan there and then but eating a little also helps with creaking knees and aching joints after a strenuous trek.


5. Turmeric Powder 

images (6)

What a petty item to list eh? But this petty item can be s total lifesaver in terms of getting rid of body aches after a hike. Add a pinch or two in warm milk at night and see how magically all your body ache vanishes by morning. Having anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, it’s also a great cure for sprains.


6. CAC 1000 Plus (Calcium + Vitamin C tabs) 


My personal favorite. Not only does it help induce a regular dosage of Calcium in your system but the Vitamin C helps keep the flu’s at bay along with strengthening your immunity. A must in the bag!


7. Neck Warmers / Buffs 

images (1)A multi-purpose essential that protects your neck all around from being directly hit by cold winds or sand, the nose from being blocked (as you can easily tuck it inside) or could be also used for covering the head.


8. Large -Eye Needles / Polyester Multi-filament Thread 


Too technical? Not really. Helpful? Lots! Don’t forget to keep a bunch of those large – eyed blunt needles and a roll of strong polyester yarn thread for mishaps where your shoe breaks up with its sole, or your backpack gives up on the weight inside and cracks open.


9. Sleeves

images (8).jpeg

Unless you want to return with arms in a different color tone from the rest of your body, wearing sleeves could serve as quite a protective layer.

Pretty handy right?

That’s it from me. If you have any other smart and handy hacks to pack for the Mountains, please do share in the comments below.

* All images have been taken from Google.com and I do not own the copyright. 

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