Why I Love Islamabad

What makes a quiet, almost still born place like Islamabad so attractive for a noisy Karachiite like me?

Lifestyle? Nah

Food? Never!

Margala? Certainly!!!

It’s the Margala Hills I wanna see every morning I open my eye lids. For a nature freak like me, it’s the closest I can be to these lush creations, plus the fact that Islamabad is the central hub to get to any place in the North, it’s totally ideal. Even if one isn’t travelling anywhere outside the city, just a day long trail to the hills can be quite refreshing, specially on a grey day.

Having such nature around in a modern city is a beautiful contrast in itself. The busy bustling city life amidst nature keeps people grounded, calm and peaceful and not to forget, healthy.

The early waking-up routine in Islamabad is just amazing. People are usually up around sunrise and they very frequently go to the trails with family and friends and yeah that’s the secret to their vibrant faces and healthy bodies. Us Karachiites on the other hand are always phased out, twitched and edgy because of all that industrial chaos and minimal nature around. Sighs!

Out of the many trails around Margala, I find Trail 5 to be pretty scenic. This one merges with Trail 3 up ahead and gives you a gorgeous bird eye view and if you’re going in spring / autumn season, you’ll encounter some beautiful color contrasts.

This eventually leads to Monal Restaurant and you can descend either via Monal road, the same trail 5 route or the Fireline trail – which is damn right steep and rocky and can cause your feet to waste away if you’re not wearing hiking boots.

Wanna know more about this trail and it’s views? Watch this video below and let me know what you think! šŸ™‚

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