You Are What You “Drink”

[Branded Content Alert – Following post is a blatant praise of One of my favorite food brands, that has been my morning mate since a long long time and here’s me, showing a little appreciation for the experience & for its latest TVC] 

We often tend to remember (and like) the first food(s) we taste as infants. I am aware that some of you are already shaking your head in denial, because you know I’m going to talk about milk, and somehow a lot of people can’t have milk in its natural form and can only consume it with certain additions

Not me.

Milk, in all its glory and forms has been my favorite and must-have breakfast item since childhood. Being the most important meal of the day, it’s essential that we nourish ourselves with the best to set a happy tone for the rest of the day.

Thanks to mom who never got my taste-buds familiarized with anything else but Milk and resorted me to a cup full of health and goodness every morning to date.

Being creative with food is always fun and milk is one of those common ingredients that can make a vast number of things so tasteful and easy to prepare.

Since the introduction of multiple Tetrapack brands in Pakistan, fresh loose milk stepped out for good and Olpers became our most favorite and go to option for dairy needs.

Be it a glass of Doodh soda or Rooh Afza with milk in sizzling summers, hot chocolate or whipped cream coffee in shivering Winters, delicious Pasta,  yummy Sheer Khorma on a holiday or just a plain warm glass every morning – Olpers has made things wonderful at the table for my entire family.

It’s become a ritual.

Since Karachi’s heat is getting unbearable these days, dairy based products are serving as a great coolant, like Lassi’s and Shakes etc. The other day I prepared Dahi Phulkis for lunch because I wanted to have something light and cool and voila! I made home made boondis filled with coriander and onion and used fresh yogurt and Olpers milk for the right texture. Topped with a tarka of Red chilli’s and Curry leaves and sprinkled Chaat Masala on it.. Yumm – nothing goes wrong with Olpers around 🙂



Last year, I was deeply saddened when the brand was accused of unhealthy manufacturing and it was very difficult to adapt to anything else because, loyalty issues you see. However, after a thorough investigation ordered by the Supreme Court, the food authorities and PCSIR declared it safe for drinking and nutritious and I was happy all once again.

Read here:

It’s not easy switching loyalties in brands specially when it come to food because it’s way too personal – thanks to the wonderful marketing and of course a wonderful product – my restocking begins…

The latest Olpers commercial depicts it as fun & happy and this is what I am every morning, as we are what we “Drink” 😀

Check the tvc below: 

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