The Magical Bosphorus – Photo Essay

Standing at the edge of the waterfront, waiting for our ferry to dock us onto it for an hours ride – that had cost 15TL per person – I was quietly admiring the seascape in front of me, awestruck by the ginormous clouds, sky touching minarets and gorgeous blue hues – in my own funny opinion, the Bosphorus has magical powers to absorb the blues of every person who visits it reflecting  the colors back, like a calming potion.

It even has a fragrance hovering the air, a fragrance of love, of promises made by lovers standing at the shores, of aromatic food being cooked at the waterside eateries, of music carried by the wind from nearby islands

The contrast of a cool sea breeze goes really well with a hot cup of Turkish tea and you don’t want to miss that while you float along the waves…

Since I’ve been blabbing so much about it, here are some edits I did to a stock of photos in my phone from our recent trip to the Bosphorus – Check it out and do share your thoughts with me in the comments 🙂



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