BabaMoo – Comfortably Yum!

It was time for a lunch meet-up with friends and as usual, we were looking to try a new eaterie when a friend mentioned BabaMoo – a small eaterie that serves cheese and potato based comfort food – Gulp! 

The name of this eaterie had put me in sheer skepticism (and laughter) like should I even be spending money at such a restaurant right when it’s the end of the month and I am broke as hell? I owe this doubt to the fact that I had not visited this years Karachi Eat, hence I had no clue about how popular this place was amongst the crowd.

We walked into an English-style architecture, small cosy sun-lit space with large windows and monochrome decor, that had just opened for lunch (1 pm) and we were the first customers of the day. From the looks of it, I presumed it would be expensive.

I was wrong.


Limited menu but very comforting as you read along the descriptions – for a person like me who is greatly into comfort food, words like “Cheesy”, “loaded”, “baked potato” were enough to give me major drools!  just like their tagline suggests, “Comfortably Yum”

Crab Cigars  © 2017 Ambyzee All Rights Reserved. 

I gave up my doubts at the first comfortizer (reworded for appetizer) – Crab Cigars – which has a desi spring roll layer, but the sweet crab meat mince and spring roll crunch goes perfectly together. I was darn right sold on this item and wanted to order more.

 © 2017 Ambyzee All Rights Reserved. 


Mac n Cheese Balls  © 2017 Ambyzee All Rights Reserved. 

Next up on starter menu were Mac n Cheese Balls, deep fried cheesiness soothing my hungry soul, filled with crushed bell peppers that gave the right amount of tingling spice.

Mac n Cheese Popcorn Chicken  © 2017 Ambyzee All Rights Reserved. 

Main course was another Mac n cheese deep dish served with the side of PopCorn chicken or any other side you choose – tender macaroni shells cooked in deliciously creamy sauce, with lots of cheese that gelled in the whole dish pretty well together. Crusted parmesan cheese topping added that extra oomph this dish needed and yes it was perfect!

  Jacket potato © 2017 Ambyzee All Rights Reserved. 

Just as we thought we had been enough “comfortized” – came in Philly Steak Jacket Potato – I mean how could Aloo not be there on this list?  Loaded baked potato with three toppings and three sauces of your choice. Ours had corn, sun-dried tomatoes and olives served with thick juicy well-done steak strips. Sauces we chose were mayo, tabasco and bbq sauce. Although I do feel, the less toppings you keep the better so that flavours don’t get too mixed up.

 Orange Lemonade © 2017 Ambyzee All Rights Reserved. 

Beverages had options of Mint or Orange Lemonade and we decided to go for the latter. Orange juice blended with crushed mint leaves and lemon was pretty refreshing.

 Grilled Cheese Donut © 2017 Ambyzee All Rights Reserved. 

We had no plans of eating dessert here but my eyes stopped at “Grilled Cheese Donut” and I got excited like a kid. So we ordered a grilled cheese donut with vanilla glazing  and Belgian Chocolate with a side of their special chili jam. I guess by now my subconscious had brought BABAMOO under the “fail-proof” category and I was ready to try just anything knowing it would be good. However, the dessert was sort of a mood killer. The grilled cheese donut was good, but the ice-cream was very usual, like the one you get from Wall’s or other local parlours. Overall the infusion was not bad, but I was so wow-ed by their savouries that their desserts were unable to reach that par i had created in my head.


Prices at Babamoo are very reasonable. We paid a total of Rs. 3000/ – that easily served 4 persons with average appetite

Location: Khayaban-e-Nishat, near Burger King

Timings: Weekdays 7pm -1am / Weekends 12pm – 4 pm 

My experience in a sum was great. So am I visiting again? Definitely!

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