Travel Recalls – The Suitcase & The Deserted Streets of Imbi

Travel Recalls are short stories recalling the bizarre, funny and entertaining moments from my travels that have somehow stuck in my head due to their simplicity and unusualness and often resurface due to their strange association with the most common things in life. 

Do suitcases have the magic power to gain a few extra pounds after a flight despite you making sure you packed light? I think they do.

It was pretty late in the night (or should I say way too early in the day) when we reached the city of Kuala Lumpur after a 13 hour long connecting flight from Pakistan. The first KLIA train runs around 5 am in the morning from the airport and the sun shows post 6:30 (Early August) – in husky darkness before dawn, we took the train to KL Sentral and hopped onto the monorail to Jalan Imbi, where our hotel, Classic Inn was located – Right after we exited the train, the horrible reality of no escalators three floors down the station hit us along with the thought that we were completely alone with nobody around. We were soon going to be proved wrong.

Tired and jet lagged as hell, one by one we dragged the suitcases down, which had magically gained weight overnight, probably due to constant tossing and turning.

Right about then, as we were struggling to find our hotel’s location on the map, my eyes caught sight of Mcdonald’s fries and drink on the ground and then a man lying next to it, asleep, and another man ahead of him sitting idly and another ahead of him scratching his belly and the line continued alongside the tall standing Berjaya Times Square.

We realized we were standing in the middle of a quiet dark street, fidgeting with our bags, with no company but that of homeless & addicts. One of them tried approaching us for some money or food and we had to quickly move from there before they could start following us in a herd or something specially when we didn’t know where we were headed and unfortunately like most metropolitan cities around the world, KL is also somewhat notoriously popular for street crimes.

With quickened steps and nervous expressions, we found Classic Inn board hanging at the end of the street – What a relief that was.

Image result for classic inn KL  at night
Image taken from Google. 

After checking in and totally loving the hotel’s interior, we dumped our bags, freshened up and were ready to take a city stroll. We had booked the rooms online in advance via Agoda and used HBL credit card to avail the discount offers.

Daylight was out, street beggars were gone, Berjaya was hustling with lots of people in and out, sleep was far away from our systems as we sat down at the Tamil restaurant next to the hotel and had our first ever meal in KL, that was a cold coffee and Masala Dossa 🙂





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