A Warm Thank-You To Our Everyday Heroes

It’s so easy to get lost in the obvious commotion of life that we overlook the importance of everyday mundane outdoor work that helps us get through the bigger things in a day and more so, the people – the driving forces conducting those mundane tasks for us also go unnoticed and we almost forget about them within seconds.

This list could include a large of people,working outside our homes, without whom our routine can definitely shake up, such as the Vegetable seller, the milkman, the newspaper guy, Traffic policemen, the delivery man, street janitors, our personal and public transportation drivers etc all these people who apparently carry out very small tasks for us from our big bundle of things-to-do, work unfailingly, everyday in all weathers and situations whatsoever, since most of these people are on a daily wage and cannot afford to make any absences of sorts.

Speaking of weather, winters are dearly waited upon by many of us, as it’s a time of holidays, wedding celebrations, BBQ parties, cool jackets and what not. But while some places experience little or moderate cold, there are places where schools and offices shut down due to intense winters yet do these people mentioned above get to take off as well? Not really.

Their work doesn’t cease to run, neither the fruit/vegetable seller quit setting up his stall, nor does the milkman say he is taking an off for the month and will see you when winter ends, nor does public transportation stop moving, or the masons stop the construction.  And mind you, most of these jobs start very early in the day when the temperatures are low and some of these people can’t even afford proper clothing to protect themselves from the wind and we’re still snoring in our warm cosy beds unaware of the world’s happenings while these guys prepare for our day’s start. Trust me, if given a chance, these guys would also prefer to sleep than rather stepping out in the cold but duty is duty afterall.

Since we cannot ask them to stop doing what they are doing, how do we thank these people for their hard work and effort to get up in such cold and make our lives easy? There is none better an idea than to share some warmth with them and make their jobs comfortable in some way possible and hence the initiative of  #TumhariMehnat was launched.

Led by Caltex Pakistan was to help and reach out to all such people out there who leave the comfort of their homes every day to bring comfort to us and give out. A small token of appreciation to all these superheroes who rightfully deserve it and also enabled everyone to do the same. A winter care kit including helmet and winter jackets were distributed to these deserving heroes and social media influencers were sent these kits to continue this chain in their circle and spread the positive word. The idea was to attract more people to sift gather whatever “warmth” they have and give it out to these exemplars out there. Through this, people got a chance to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all these people around us who work outdoors in the cold.

watch this video for an idea about the campaign

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