How To Fit Into Old Clothes When You’re Chubby & Lazy Too

I personally didn’t want to label this as an article on weight loss because that’s just a lot of work (Meh) and I realize that many of us (myself included) are just looking for slight toning and not a complete weight loss programme. We are happy with a few inches reducing and us fitting into our old clothes, that’s it!

So earlier this year, I had enrolled into a fitness programme and I was hardly able to keep up with the classes due to my busy schedule although attending a few classes got me really active and agile in my lifestyle and eventually started showing visible changes in my appearance that people pointed out. I felt more fresh, more energized and ready to do things and less fatigued. The workout itself was pretty strenuous but it helped.

Sadly, the thing with workouts is A. they are time consuming and like I said, people like me are mostly unable to build a routine out of it due to work and other reasons and B.  it’s also pocket-heavy – for someone who struggles with money and only saves them for travel purposes, it’s tough to pay for such expensive activities (save the health lecture!)

So now that I was off the fitness programme, I decided to alter my lifestyle a little and continue my “Stay Fit” journey through other less tiring means. I had already lost a few inches, which, trust me, is actually a lot easier than maintaining the shape you’ve attained.

Hence the real ordeal began and here’s how I maintained my body shape by neither spending loads nor undergoing tiresome processes

1. Smart Meal Times & Portions


Increasing the number of meals and reducing each meal size is a very conventional and effective way to get smart. Obviously you don’t fill your stomach with junk but rather something healthy and light every 2-3 hours. Try having your dinner at least 4-5 hours before your usual sleep time.

Also, your brain might send you false signals of hunger at odd hours, curb those by drinking a glass of water or eating a banana etc. These are just random cravings and not actual hunger calling.

Pro Tip: Eating slow and chewing the food properly indirectly leads to toning as food is better decomposed and digested properly leaving no heavy after feel. 

2. Onion Seed Formula

Image result for onion seeds

Chewing a raw pinch of onion seeds in the morning before breakfast helps in fat mobilization and curbing unnecessary hunger pangs and is a source of fiber too. Its Nigellone enzyme controls obesity and lowers cholesterol too. I pop 7-8 seeds every morning, properly chewing them and letting the juices flow out.

3. Green Tea all day long


By now, everyone is aware of the metabolic benefits of sipping green day regularly. Ideally it should be taken 2-3 times a day post meal with dab of lemon and honey to balance the acidity levels. Rest of the work is done by Catechins. I personally use Tapal loose green tea leaves and add cinnamon during the boil for aroma and added benefits.

4. Yoga & Pilates


From the numerous hours spent at work and other things, I allocate 20-30 mins regularly to stretches, yoga or pilates. All you need is a mat and a decent account to follow on instagram or Youtube. I personally follow “Pilates by Natasha” and practice Yoga that I’ve been doing since childhood. It leaves your body feeling great and mind relaxed.

5. No Soda!


This seriously needs to go from our lives! Imagine if this thing can clean toilets what it can do to your stomachs 😛 (Okay, that may sound exaggerating but yeah) They are full of high fructose corn syrup and sadly the body doesn’t realize its full even after consuming thousands of calories. So let this one go FOR GOOD!

P.S Water intake has to be maximum in all types of weather. 

These simple and inexpensive alterations in lifestyle can seriously help you sustain your weight and keep your body toned enough to re-wear your clothes from the past.

Isn’t that wonderful? I’m totally enjoying it! See …

So what are you doing to stay fit? Share simple techniques with me in the comments below 🙂

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