Wonder-Women of TAF Foundation

Each of us can make a difference. Together we make change 

– Barbara Mikulski 

Recently I happened to visit The TAF-VTI Foundation, a vocational training institute specially designed for women, developing and honing their culinary and housekeeping skills for a specific training period.

They have teams that recruit women of 18 and above from various marginalized areas of Karachi, who are looking for household work or maybe the sole bread winners of their families. These women are then provided a FOC 4-month training at the institute, transportation to and fro their residence, certificates and even a stipend on completion. Once the training ends, they are also placed in different restaurants, franchises or homes as House Help. The first batch that had passed out from TAF was hired by brands like KFC and Espresso.



Being associated with the food industry and blogging, I was personally invited to attend the passing out ceremony of their current batch, which included live display of house keeping activities like home decor, cleaning etc. Another group demonstrated their culinary skills and prepared a variety of recipes they learnt in this duration. There was live cooking and the entire institute filled with amazing aroma.

Trust me, the women had done a great job with food and presentation both, absolutely delicious & commendable. Watch the video below for a quick overview

TAF Foundation aids to empower women with training and skills which helps them better their financial standing and end the vicious cycle of poverty.  This is a platform for women with limited resources to educate themselves in a safe environment and open doors to endless possibilities ahead of them.

It felt really heart-warming to see women who were otherwise reluctant and shy to even express their opinion were now leading teams and giving instructions in the kitchen. They were talking to the camera and exuded a lot of confidence in their speech. Hats off!


TAF Foundation (TAFF) began as the Abbassciy Family Foundation in the year 2010 and served as a charitable organization to the underprivileged. In 2015, the Abbassciy Foundation was restructured into a philanthropic organization focused on long-term development initiatives.

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