What to Expect from Comedy Masala

It was just this year (2017) that Comedy Masala first came to Karachi, giving us all hope for a boost in public entertainment and now it’s the fifth time they are performing here in less than a year! Can you imagine the crowd’s growing love for them? It’s like you just can’t have enough of it and you keep on wanting more and more, hence the back to back shows. The DEMAND IS SERIOUS!

(Thanks to Umar Rana – Founder & Host, CM)

Honestly, in the start, we all were anxious about it because stand up comedy is still not quite popular among our people and those who have been locally performing since years have a very limited audience with little creativity in humor. This post is definitely not meant to diss the local talent but to make them realize that the game has been upped immensely and they have serious competition.

With a wide range of international comedians from all across the globe, it’s a great exposure to a variety of comedy styles and foreign talent. Also, many foreigners who have otherwise never been to Pakistan (or never planned to) also get to experience its people, food and places and take a positive word back to their homeland (hopefully), which obviously sheds a different light on us other than all the negative media that we are always part of, so it’s a win-win.

I have been attending Comedy Masala regularly and I’ve never missed a show and you shouldn’t either .. Here’s what to expect from it:

NON STOP LAUGHTER – Karachi’s roller coaster life can drive one nuts and turn the mood solemn. A non stop 2 hour, stomach-aching laughing therapy is a definite YES.

WEEKEND MADE – After 40 hours of excruciating work and same old faces of your colleagues, A little fun of the weekend is a must. Karachi’s public weekend life is usually about dining out, the beach or ………… Umm Yeah that’s about it……. So why not do something different this time eh?

• NETWORKING – It’s a great place to meet like minded people and socially connect with them, as everybody is in a happy bubble after so much laughter, they will be the best and happiest version of themselves (something like a drug :P)

• LOTS OF GRILLING – As a Karachiite, you’ll definitely think of food here, but no this is brutal (but funny) grilling by Umar Rana, of the front row seaters …. Poor them yeah but the show gets additional raving because of that, so 10 points for the front rowers!

• FOREIGN FACES – Tired of brown? Here’s some white for ya! (LOL, JK!!) 😀 But there’s always a good feeling about having foreigners perform on your home ground and they bring in new ideas and variety and it’s always fun to talk to them post-event because they’re excited to meet the audience and some even have a lot of questions about Pakistan, so please enlighten them by all means.

• EXPLICIT COMEDY – If you’re the “haw-haaye” type, I would strictly advise you to keep away from this show as you’ll be bombarded with lots and lots of explicit and bold content that is certainly relatable, hence it makes you laugh!

These are enough reasons for me to attend #ComedyMasala every single time and I can guarantee that once you start doing the same, you’ll be hooked to the core!

Season 5 of CM is starting from 19th of October lasting till 21st of October featuring the award winning British Comedian –  Shazia Mirza, NBC and HBO performer Brad Upton (US) and HBO & Comedy Central Performer Dwight Slade (US)

To buy tickets and view the show details, CLICK HERE


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