The Endless Skardu

I fell in love here.

With some one. Some thing.

How do you let go of something that makes you fall in love?

I will never forget the first footstep I traced on the grounds of this land of beauty, taking in all the silence around me, breathing in the fragrance of dry mountains and falling leaves, filling my eyes with fifty shades of grays, blues and yellows, counting the endless cascades of ranges and distant peaks.

Although I couldn’t see the King of Mountain Throne, K2, from here but just the thought of knowing that I was in its radius, standing at its gateway, gave me goosebumps. I still feel them

I cried.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet K2, not this time, but I was happy. Happy to be in its home – the vast lands of Skardu.

I wanted the airport shuttle ride to the baggage claim section to end as quickly as possible, I just didn’t want to stay indoors! Wanted to breathe out in the open and stay there constantly – I couldn’t get enough of that smell.

Inhale it.

Despite being super cold outside, I stuck my head out the sun roof on our way to the hotel, to feel every speck of those cold winds mixed with sunshine on my face. Didn’t want to miss a single chance of doing that.

Gratitude is key.

You’re walking deep into a painting hand made by the Creator. You’re actually walking into his work of art! How unimaginable and amazing is that? You sit, you admire, you close your eyes, you admire, you breathe, you admire – all you do is admire and project care, tenderness and gratitude  – is that not love? Love for the Creator and His creation.

So much pleasure I sought by just being there – excessive release of dopamine it was!

It’s endless.

Massive rocks sitting there looking down at you, hissing through the winds into your ear, telling you to come closer – come take a closer look – they play hide and seek with you, would wrap themselves with thick clouds and charm you with all angles of their beauty – and since one wasn’t enough, He blessed you with a giant landscape of such masterpieces – Go fill yourself with love to the brim .. Let’s see how much depth there is.

Here, discover unsurfaced emotions, peace travelling through your body, calmness of your thoughts, clarity of your path and a new profound love for His creativity…

Let me take you through this place in my way, although you have to promise to go experience it in your own way and share it with others  : )

Watch the vlog below and do drop your feedback

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