“Sooper” Pakistan Makes A Super World Record

Pakistan is a land of sheer surprises (and I mean that in all forms :P)

From hitting the international media constantly on some or the other political chaos, creating buzz in sports, to disputable news & highlights on our prominent bureaucrats and federal personnel, to our women standing out in fields of Gravitational discoveries and winning Academy Awards, to our traditions and art being depicted beautifully on London’s public buses and to much much more …. Pakistan has always been in the limelight (although controversial most often) but it has also made us proud in many ways.

Our people go through a series of emotions all the time dealing with these shocks and surprises simultaneously and you should definitely see us around the time of a cricket match or a celebratory holiday or a national one like the Independence Day, when the unity is super strong and the spirits speak CRAZY!

Independence Day is an important time of the year for all the people around the world, regardless of diverse communities or ethnic backgrounds, it brings people together on a different scale and unites them with utmost vigor and passion.

A number of musical renditions, TV shows, theatrical displays and brand campaigns are launched around this time to stir and utilize this bank of energy from people for a massive impact. Some of this energy is so high that it even creates a ripple on a global level and gets international media attention.

Last year Peek Freans Sooper made this beautiful rendition of a patriotic song, “Mien Bhi Pakistan Hun, Tu Bhi Pakistan Hai” – I am Pakistan and So are you! – which encapsulates the vibrant cultures and colors of people from all the provinces and shows how celebrations are enjoyed here

This year, they decided to throw in a competition and asked people to send in creative entries singing this anthem and winning a variety of prizes, top being a fully funded worth of funded trip to the northern areas of Pakistan.

But that’s not why I am writing this article. This article is to highlight a tremendous effort by the team of Sooper Pakistan, prominent celebrities and so many supporters who donned Pakistan on its 70th birthday with an honor – A Guinness World Record!

Yes, by building a giant, 2438.15 square feet to be precise, cookie mosaic in the shape of
Pakistani flag! – more than 150,000 cookies were used to form this piece of marvel and it took nearly 6.5 hours for completion. The cookies were hygienically treated with food colors of green and white representing the flag, handled with utmost care, to keep their freshness intact. Only the relevant people, who were to do the task (wearing gloves, masks and soft shoes) were allowed in the area where the mosaic was being built so to keep them from any external exposure as the cookies were to be donated to notable charities later on.

The message behind this activity was to project the positive spirit and talent this nation possesses, to show the world we are far more and opposite to what the mainstream media portrays us, to show them how we cherish these details of life with passion and of course display our “Sooper” capabilities.

Here are some of the photos from the mosaic building event – you may also follow #SooperHaiPakistan on social media for more details and pictorial content

For a complete journey of its making and inspiring messages, watch the video below

Thanks Peek Freans for this medal of honor and positive limelight! 🙂

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